Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Pond is Started

 The three friends dug all morning on the hole in the back yard of Midge's house.
“Does it look like it is big enough now?” asked Midge as she sat down beside the hole.
“I think so,” said Booker-T. “What do you think Jake?”
“Well, maybe it is big enough,” agreed Jake.
“What are you guys doing?” asked Gabby as he flew down and landed near the hole.
“We are digging a pond,” said Midge. “Do you want to help?”
“I wouldn't be too good at digging a hole in the ground,” laughed Gabby. “Do you see my little feet?”
“Oh,” said Midge. “I forgot.”
“Looks like it will be a small pond,” said Gabby strolling around the hole. “I think they are bigger than this hole is.”

“Is it too small?” asked Booker-T. “We sure have been digging hard all morning.”
“It is a good size for me,” said Gabby. “Why are you digging a pond?”
“Midge thought if we started digging the pond,” said Jake. “And she left the magazine with the picture of the pond next to it, her owner would know she wanted a pond and finish building it.”
“What if it don't work?” asked Gabby.
“I don't know,” said Midge.
“She might not be happy you dug a hole in her yard,” said Gabby.
“Maybe,” said Midge. “I hope she won't be angry with us.”
“Where is the picture of the pond?” asked Gabby.
“Wait a minute and I will go get it from inside the house,” said Midge as she hurried away and slipped into the house through the doggie door.
In a few minutes Midge came back carrying the magazine with the picture of the pond. She laid it on the ground and started flipping the pages with her paw. When she found the pond they were looking at the other day, she tapped on the book.
“This is the pond we were looking at,” said Midge.
“Do you think it will work?” asked Gabby.
“If she sees it, I think it will work,” said Midge.
“Good luck,” said Gabby.
“I'm ready to go home,” said Jake. “It is getting late.”
“Okay,” said Midge as she followed him to the front of the house. “Are you going too, Booker-T?”
“Yes,” replied Booker-T. “I will come back in the morning and find out what your owner said.”
“Me too,” said Jake.
“See you in the morning,” said Midge. “Bye.”
Jake and Booker-T wandered out the gate heading for home and Gabby flew off into the skies as Midge sat and watched them leave. She turned around and went back to the hole they had dug. She sat staring at it and at the magazine. “I hope she will understand,” thought Midge. “I guess it is too late now. The hole is dug.” She placed the magazine near the hole and made sure the page was open to the pond they wanted. After sitting a few more minutes staring at the hole, she went inside the house and ran to the living room. She jumped up in the chair next to Snappy's tank.
“What are you doing Midge?” asked Snappy.
“Well, Snappy,” said Midge. “Jake, Booker-T and I were digging a hole in the backyard.”
“Why?” asked Snappy. “Why do you want a hole in the yard?”
“Remember when we were talking about the pond the other day?” asked Midge.
“I remember,” said Snappy.
“We started digging the hole for the pond,” smiled Midge.
“Wow,” said Snappy. “That's going to be a big job. Will take you long time to dig that one.”
“We aren't going to dig all of it,” said Midge.
“Who is going to dig the rest of it?” asked Snappy.
“I hope our owner will finish the pond,” said Midge. “Do you think she will be upset with me for digging a hole?”
“The chance of her being upset,” said Snappy. “I think is good.”
“Oh dear,” said Midge. “Maybe I did the wrong thing.”
“How will she know what you wanted the hole for?” asked Snappy.
“I opened the magazine to the page with the pond on it and left it laying beside the hole,” said Midge. “I hope she will see it.”
“I think you will find out soon,” said Snappy. “I think I heard her car coming.”
“Oh, dear,” said Midge. “I'm a little nervous. I just know she is not going to be happy.”
Midge sat in the chair next to Snappy staring at the door for her owner to walk in.
“Midge!” said her owner. “Midge, what are you doing in the back yard?”
Midge hung her head and rolled her eyes up toward her owner. She jumped down from the chair and went to stand beside her owner. She stared up at her and nudged her owner's hand with her nose.
She patted Midge on top of the head. “I don't know why you dug that hole,” said her owner as she tossed the magazine on the table.
Midge stared at the magazine. “She didn't see the picture,” thought Midge as she walked to the table. She grabbed the magazine and pulled it to the floor.
“Midge,” said her owner. “What are you doing?”
Midge flipped the pages with her paws as her owner stood watching. Soon she found the page she was looking for. She tapped the page with her paw and looked up at her owner. Her owner leaned down and picked up the magazine staring at the page Midge had flipped the book to.
“Midge,” said her owner scratching her head. “Is this what you are trying to do in the back yard?”
Midge jumped up and down and barked trying to let her know that was what she wanted. Her owner walked to the sofa and sat down. She looked at Midge and back to the picture of the pond. “Wow, girl,” said her owner. “You are smart girl. You want a pond. I will check on what the cost will be to make you a small pond. How's that girl?”
Midge walked over to her and placed her head into her lap. Midge's owner patted her on top of her head and lifted Midge into her lap. “All will be fine,” thought Midge.

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