Monday, July 1, 2013

Misty talks about Jobs

“Good morning Misty,” called Booker-T as he hurried up the sidewalk and through the gate where he found Misty sitting on the swing.
“Hi Booker-T,” greeted Misty. “You are up early today.”

“My owner had to go to town early today so we got up an hour earlier than usual,” said Booker-T.

“That is good,” said Misty. “I am always awake early except on Sundays.”

“You sleep late on Sundays?” asked Booker-T.

“Oh yes, it is the one day my owner can rest longer in the mornings,” said Misty. “She works long hours every day so on Sundays, she can rest. Her boss gives her Sundays off.”

“That's good,” said Booker-T. “What kind of work does your owner do, Misty?”

“She is a nurse at the clinic near the post office,” said Misty.

“Oh, that is a good job,” said Booker-T. “She helps people.”

“But it is hard work,” said Misty.

“I know,” said Booker-T. “It is hard dealing with people sometimes.”

“She is always very tired when she comes home at night,” said Misty. “I sleep late on Sunday so she don't have to get up and let me outside.”

“That's nice of you Misty,” said Booker-T.

“Do you sleep late on Sunday?” asked Misty.

“Sometimes,” said Booker-T. “My owner works on Sundays. She gets a different day off in the week.”

“That must be hard working on Sundays,” said Misty. “What kind of work does she do?”

“She is a Hostess at the big hotel downtown,” said Booker-T. “She takes care of the customers when they come in to the restuarant there.”

“She likes it?” askd Misty.

“She loves it,” said Booker-T. “She enjoys meeting people.”

“That's good,” said Misty.

“Are you ready to go to the park with Jake and Midge?” asked Booker-T.

“Sure,” said Misty. “Lets go.”

The two hurried down the sidewalk and around the corner. They ran through the gate when they saw Midge and Jake sitting on the porch at Jake's place.

“Hey you two,” said Jake. “Where have you two been?”

“Sorry Jake,” said Booker-T. “We were talking about our owners and their jobs.”

“Oh, okay,” said Midge. “What kind of work does your owner do Misty?”

“She is a nurse at the clinic near the post office,” said Misty.

“Oh that is good,” said Midge. “My owner goes there when she needs to see the doctor. It is a nice clinic.”

“Yes,” said Misty. “She likes it there.”

“That is good,” said Midge. “I think it would be hard to do a job if you didn't like it.”

“Why would you work a job you didn't like?” asked Misty.

“I think a lot of people work jobs they don't like so they have money to live,” said Jake. “My owner's brother works a job he don't like. When he is here, he is always complaining to my owner that he hates his job.”

“Why does he stay there?” asked Booker-T.

“My owner asked him that same question,” said Jake. “He said it was because the money was good.”

“I sure am happy we don't have to work jobs we don't like,” said Midge.

“Ha ha Midge,” laughed Jake. “We don't work jobs at all.”

“That's true,” said Midge. “I think if they like their jobs, they come home happy. Don't you think so?”

“You are probably right,” said Jake.

“I think so too,” said Booker-T.

“My owner is always happy but his brother is always complaining,” said Jake.

“Are we going to the park to play?” asked Misty. “I think the problem is a human one and we don't need to worry about it as long as our owners are taking good care of us.”

“You only need to worry about having fun,” laughed Gabby from above them.

“Hi Gabby,” said Misty.

“How long you been up there?” asked Jake.

“Long enough to know you were talking about your human's jobs,” said Gabby.

“I'm glad we don't have to work,” said Booker-T.

“Sometimes we do little work Booker-T,” said Misty. “like chasing away the mouse that comes inside the house so our owners don't get upset.”

“True,” agreed Booker-T.

“We work little too,” said Midge. “Jake and I guard the house and let our humans know when someone comes to the door.”

“So, in some way,” said Jake. “We all do something.”

“What little thing do you do Gabby?” asked Misty.

“I don't know,” sighed Gabby. “I never thought about it.”

“Lets go play,” said Misty. “We all are important in our own ways.”

“You are right Misty,” said Jake.

“Come on,” said Midge. “I'm ready to go to the park. Snappy is waiting for us to come play.”

They all agreed and started walking along the sidewalk to the park.

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Jake and Midge
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