Friday, August 8, 2014

Midge Meets the New Neighbor

Midge started walking along the sidewalk on her way to Jake's house. She saw a huge truck parked in the driveway of the house on the corner of her street. “Wow,” thought Midge. “That is a really big truck.” As she got closer to the house, she saw the name on the side of the truck, 'Baker's Moving'. “Hmmmm, new neighbors moving in, or maybe they are moving out.” She stopped and stared at the big truck for a few minutes and then noticed a tiny dog sitting on the steps of the house. She looked around and didn't see any humans. She slowly walked up the sidewalk to where the little one was sitting.
Hi,” smiled Midge. “I'm Midge.”
Hi Midge,” said the little dog.
Are you moving in?” asked Midge.

Yes,” said the little one. “I don't want to be here.”
Why?” asked Midge.
I miss my friends where we used to live,” said the little dog.
I'm sorry,” said Midge. “You will like it here. This is a nice place. There are a lot of pets here in the area. You will make new friends.”
Maybe,” sighed the little one.
What is your name?” asked Midge.
Mini,” said the little one.
Mini is cute,” said midge. “I like that name.”
It is because I am so small,” said Mini.
You are small, but that's okay,” said Midge. “And I think your name is cute.”
I guess it is okay,” said Mini. “Do you live near here?”
I live up the street over there,” said Midge. “See the big beige brick house with the front porch?”
Yes,” said Mini.
I live there and next door is my friend, Booker-T,” said Midge. “You will like Booker-T. He is cool. I am going to my friend, Jake's house. Would you like to come along?”
Maybe another time,” sighed Mini. “We are just moving in and I don't think my owners would like it if I left.”
Does your owner work?” asked Midge.
Yes,” said Mini. “They both work and I'm all alone in the daytime.”
You have two owners?” asked Midge. “I only have one.”
I have two,” said Mini. “They are married.”
Oh, okay,” said Midge. “I have one owner because she isn't married yet.”
That's nice,” said Mini. “I wish I only had one owner.”
Why?” asked Midge. “You don't like having two?”
No,” said Midge.
Mini!” called a voice from inside the house.
I have to go inside now,” said Mini. “My owners will go back to work tomorrow. Can you come to the house tomorrow?”
Sure,” said Midge. “Bye.”
Mini hurried inside the house and Midge walked back to the front sidewalk to go to Jake's. She turned and stood staring at a couple of men dressed in blue jeans and dark blue shirts carrying in furniture.
Midge!” called Booker-T. “Midge! Hey you there. Where are you Midge?”
Oh, hi Booker-T,” said Midge.
Where are you?” asked Booker-T. “I've been calling you.”
I'm right here,” said Midge. “Standing on the sidewalk.”
I see you standing there,” smiled Booker-T. “But I think your mind was a million miles away from where you are standing.”
I guess I was day dreaming,” laughed Midge.
What in the world are you day dreaming about?” asked Booker-T. “I thought you were going to Jake's house.”
I just met Mini this morning,” said Midge.
Who is Mini?” asked Booker-T.
She is the tiny dog that lives here,” said Midge. “I was watching two guys taking furniture into the house.”
So what were you dreaming about?” asked Booker-T. “I never dream in the day time. I do my dreaming at night.”
I think day dreaming is like thinking,” said Midge.
What are you thinking about?” asked Booker-T.
I saw some of the things they were carrying into the house and was wondering what they are like,” said Midge. “Mini seems sad.”
What did she say?” asked Booker-T.
She doesn't want to be here,” said Midge. “And she didn't like having two owners.”
She has two owners?” asked Booker-T. “Why does she have two of them. We only have one.”
Her owners are married,” said Midge. “Our owners are single right now.”
Oh,” said Booker-T. “Do you think our owners will get married one day?”
I think maybe,” said Midge. “When they find someone they want to be with. Does your owner have a boyfriend?”
No,” said Booker-T. “I don't think so. She talks to someone on the phone a lot but no one comes to the house.”
Mine had a boyfriend last year,” said Midge. “But she don't see him anymore.”
Why?” asked Booker-T.
He decided he didn't want to be in a relationship so broke it off with her,” said Midge. “I think she really liked him and she was sad for a few days. I tried to cheer her up.”
Maybe one day they will marry,” said Booker-T. “Lets go to Jake's. I want to go play in the park for little while.”
Okay,” said Midge as she turned to follow Jake. “Is Misty going with us today?”
No,” said Booker-T. “Her owner is taking her to the vet this morning.”
Is she okay?” asked Midge.
Yes,” said Booker-T. “She is going for a checkup and I think she has to have one more shot.”
Okay,” said Midge. “Maybe we can go see her tomorrow. I told Mini I would stop by to see her tomorrow. Her owners are going to work tomorrow and she will be alone.”
Do you mind if I come along?” asked Booker-T. “I would like to meet Mini and maybe she will go with us to see Misty.”
Sure,” said Midge. “I'm sure she will be happy to make friends with us all. She said she misses her friends where she used to live.”
We can take her to the park,” said Booker-T. “I think she will like the park.”
We can do that,” said Midge. “We can ask Jake if he would like to come along with us.”
You know Jake,” laughed Booker-T. “He always wants to go to the park. He loves running in the park and swimming in the pond.”
I think we need to cheer up Mini,” said Midge.
Okay,” said Booker-T.
Hey Jake!” called Midge as she and Booker-T strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch.
Hi you guys,” said Jake. “Where have you been this morning? I thought you were coming early so we could go to the park?”
Sorry Jake,” said Midge. “I stopped to see who was moving into the neighborhood this morning and met Mini.”
Who is Mini?” asked Jake.
She is a very tiny little dog who is moving in the house up the street from us,” said Midge.
A tiny dog?” asked Jake. “Do you mean a puppy?”
No,” said Midge. “A tiny dog. I don't know what kind she is. But she is little.”
Will she come to the park with us sometimes?” asked Jake.
We are going to invite her tomorrow,” said Midge. “She said today her owners are home so she will stay at the house.”
Her owners?” asked Jake. “Like in more than one?”
She has two owners,” said Midge. “She said they are married.”
That's good,” said Jake. “It will be nice to meet your new friend. Now, lets go play.”
Okay,” smiled Midge. “I am ready to go.”
The three hurried along the sidewalk to the park.

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