Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do you Like the Rain

 Midge woke up early to the sound of thunder rattling the windows. She lifted her head from the bed and looked toward the window. Flashes of light could be seen through the curtains. Her owner was still sound asleep. In a few minutes she could hear the rain hitting the window. “I guess the rain is better than the snow,” thought Midge. “Maybe spring will be coming soon. It must be a little warmer outside to be raining.”
She laid on the bed listening to the rain fall. Before long, the radio on the little table near the bed began to play. She glanced at her owner who rolled over and reached for the radio to shut it off. She patted Midge on the head.
“Good morning girl,” said Midge's owner. “Sounds like we are having some rain today.”
Midge jumped down from the bed and waited for her owner to get up from the bed.
“Come on girl,” said her owner. “I'll get you something to eat before I take my shower.”
Midge followed her owner to the kitchen where she sat next to her feet waiting for her food and some fresh water. Midge peaked out the doggie door and the rain was falling very heavy. She thought about it for several minutes before deciding to make a quick run into the yard under the trees and take care of business. She raced bck inside and shook herself off. She finished her food and crawled into her little bed where she curled up to get warm and let herself dry off from the rain.
Midge's owner patted her on top of the head as she hurried out the door to her car. Midge heard the car start and back away from the house. The house was quiet now and she ran into the living room and leaped into the chair next to Snappy's tank.
“Hi Snappy,” greeted Midge.
“Hi Midge,” said Snappy. “Is it raining outside?”
“Yes,” said Midge. “Very heavy rain too.”
“Does that mean Spring is coming now?” asked Snappy.
“I don't think so yet,” said Midge. “It is little warmer today, but still very cold out there.”
“The warm rain in the Summer and the Spring is always nice,” said Snappy.
“Do you like the rain?” asked Midge.
“When it is a warm slow rain,” said Snappy. “I don't like the cold rain.”
“I don't like it either,” said Booker-T as he hurried across the living room floor.
“Oh my!” laughed Midge. “You look like a drowned rat.”
“Oh very funny,” said Booker-T. “I'm very wet.” f
“Get in my bed and get warm,” said Midge. “It is too cold out there in that rain today.”
“I know,” said Booker-T. “I'm shivering from it.”
“ What are you doing out in it?” asked Midge.
“I came to see Snappy and you,” said Booker-T. “But it is raining harder than I thought. I ran really fast.”
“You should have run between the drops,” laughed Midge.
“Oh, aren't you the funny one today,” said Booker-T.
“You need a hard cover like I have,” said Snappy. “The water just rolls off.”
“Can I borrow yours?” asked Booker-T.
“It is too small for you,” said Snappy.
“I was kidding,” said Booker-T.
“I know,” said Snappy. “you could put a plastic bag on your head.”
“You two are really funny this morning,” said Booker-T.
“I know we are,” said Midge.” Aren't you glad we are friends?”
“I am glad we are friends,” agreed Booker-T. “ You guys are the best.”

Snappy and Midge smiled and agreed they were all good friends. 

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Jake and Midge
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