Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jimmy and Sammy Ant

The morning came with the sun glistening brightly on all the snow that covered the ground. The snowflakes glistened like gems spread across the yard. Midge ran outside and wasn't out long when she scurried back through the doggie door into the kitchen.
Jake pushed his way through the door behind her. “HI Midge,” smiled Jake. “What are you doing?”
Hi Jake,” greeted Midge. “Isn't the snow pretty in the sunlight?”
It is really bright out there this morning,” said Jake. “But it feels very cold.”
I know,” said Midge. “That's why I hurried back inside. My feet were cold.”
Is Booker-T here?” asked Jake. “I didn't see him outside.”

He will be here soon,” said Midge. “He came in Yesterday evening and visited with Snappy for a little while before my owner got home.”
They ran to the living room and Jake put his paws onto the table near the tank. “Hi Snappy,” said Jake. “How are you this morning?”
Hi Jake,” said Snappy. “Is it still snowing outside?”
No,” said Jake. “The sun is out and the snow looks really pretty but it is still not warm yet.”
I hope this is all the snow we are going to get,”' said Midge. “I am ready for the warm spring rains.”
But you had so much fun in the snow the other day,” laughed Jake. “Don't you want to do that again?”
I can wait til next year to have more fun in it,” said Midge. “I had enough of the cold white stuff.”
Me too,” said Booker-T as he entered the room. “I want the warm weather to come too.”
What is that in your tank?” asked Jake as he pressed his nose against the glass of the tank.
Where?” asked Snappy as he looked around his tank.
“On that little log behind you,” said Jake. “Do you have ants in there?”
Yes,” said Snappy. “Two ants came in here yesterday. I think it was too cold outside for them and they came in her to get warm.”
Don't you eat ants?” asked Midge.
Sometimes I did,” said Snappy. “But I won't tell them that.”
Did you make friends with them?” asked Jake.
Yes,” smiled Snappy. “The big one's name is Jimmy and the little one is Sammy.”
Nice names,” said Jake. “Now you aren't alone in the tank all the time.”
I know,” said Snappy. “But I don't know what will happened to Jimmy and Samy when our owder cleans out the tank again. They might get lost.”
That is true and we don't have any way to let her know not to throw the out,” said Midge. “Any ideas you two?”
I can't think of a one idea for this right now,” said Jake.
Me either,” sighed Snappy. “How about you Booker-T? What do you think?”
I don't know,” said Booker-T. “Midge is usually the one with all the ideas.”
Ask Jimmy and Sammy,” said Midge. “Maybe they have an idea.”
That is a good idea,” smiled Snappy. “I will talk to them about it.”
Maybe they can climb out of the tank when she cleans it and then go back in when she finishes,” suggested Jake.
That would work,” said Midge. “then when she puts the tank back on the table, they can climb back in with you.”
What do they eat in there?” asked Booker-T.
I let the have little pieces of my food,” said Snappy. “They like it. They don't eat much so we share the food.”
I didn't know we could be friends with ants,” said Midge. “They are so small.”
I am small too,” said Snappy. “They do have little voices so I really have to listen close when they talk to me.”
You tell them we all said Hi,” said Midge. “W are happy you have two little friends in there to talk with when we aren't here.”
Me too,” agreed Snappy. “They are happy to share my home. They don't like the cold weather outside.”
Where is the rest of the ant colony?” asked Jake. “Don't ants live in a hole in the ground with a lot of ants?”
They walked away from the hole in search of food and the snow filled the hole,” said Snappy. “They couldn't find it anymore. Maybe when the snow melts they can find it. But I will miss then if they go with the other ants when the spring comes.”
Maybe you can talk the into staying with you in your home,” suggested Booker-T.
I will talk to them and ask them if they want to stay,” said snappy. “They like it in here so they might stay with me.”
We are going to the park for a little while,” said Jake. “Do you want me to pull you in the wagon so you can go with us?”
No,” said Snappy. “It is still too cold out there for me. I like the warm air in here.”
Okay,” said Jake. “Maybe when the weather warms up good you can go with us sometime to visit your old pond.”
Do you miss your pond?” asked Booker-T.
No,” said Snappy shaking his head. “It is a nice little pond in here. Just the right size for me. The pond in the park is really big.”
Okay,” said Midge. “We will take you one day to visit if you want. We are going to go play for a little while. You can visit with your ants and we will see you later.”
Okay Midge,” said Snappy. “Bye you guys.”

The three took off out the door telling Snappy good-bye on their way out.

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