Thursday, March 5, 2015

Again Comes the Snow

Snowflakes are falling on my head,” sang Midge as she hurried along the sidewalk dragging a sled. Booker-T was running behind her as they went through the gate at Jake's house.
Midge,” said Jake. “I think the words are 'Raindrops keep falling on my head', not snowflakes.”
But it isn't raining out,” said Midge. “It is snowing again so I changed the words for the day.”
Why are you dragging that sled?” asked Jake. “Did you take it from some kid's yard?”
Oh no,” aid Midge. “It was in my back yard. It belongs to my owner's nephew.”
Why are you dragging it around?” asked Jake.

She wants to go ride it on the big hill near the school,” laughed Booker-T.
I have seen the kids ride the sleds and it looks like fun,” said Midge. “We can go to that big hill and ride it down.”
But the kids steer it with their feet and the rope,” said Jake. “How are you going to do that?”
I don't know yet,” said Midge. “I will try and see how when we get there.”
That could be dangerous,” said Booker-T.
I'm good,” smiled Midge. “Come on, I want to try it out. Don't you want to go sliding fast down the hill?”
The three headed to the school with Midge dragging the sled behind her. As she neared the school, the sled seemed a little harder to pull. She stopped a moment to rest and when she turned around there sat Booker-T in the middle of the sled.
Why did you stop?” asked Booker-T.
The sled was getting harder to pull,” said Midge. “Now I know why.”
My feet were cold,” smiled Booker-T. “So I jumped on the sled.”
My feet are cold too,” said Midge. “Will you pull me for a while?”
You are heavier than I am,” said Booker-t. “I don't think I can pull you.”
Give me the rope and I'll pull both of you,” said Jake.
Midge climbed on the sled with Booker-T and rode the rest of the way to the school. Midge and Booker-T jumped off so Jake could pull it up the hill. At the top of the hill, Midge climbed on the sled and took the rope in her mouth.
Okay Jake,” said Midge. “Give me a push so I can ride it down the hill.”
Are you sure you want to try this?” asked Booker-T.
I am ready,” said Midge.
Okay, here you go,” said Jake as he pushed the sled so it started to tilt down the hill.
The sled took off faster and faster as it raced down the hill with Midge gripping the rope in her teeth.
Midge!” screamed Jake.” “Are you okay?”
This is fun!” yelled Midge.
But as it neared the bottom of the hill, Midge could not steer the sled and before she could leap off, she plunged head first into a snow bank at the bottom of the hill. Booker-T and Jake ran down the hill to pull her out. Her head was covered in snow. Booker-T and Jake sat and laughed at their friend who now looked like a snowman.
That was fun!” exclaimed Midge. “Let's do it again.”
I think that was enough,” said Jake. “That is hard work pulling that sled up that hill.”
I'll pull it up if you want to try it Jake,” said Midge.
Oh no,” said Jake shaking his head. “I don't want to fly into that snow bank like you did. That don't look like too much fun.”
See there Midge,” said Booker-T. “You got to ride the sled and you got to fly too.”
Yes,” laughed Jake. “Flew right into the snow bank head first.”
That don't seem like too much fun to me either,” said Booker-T. “I don't want my head stuck in the snow. It's cold.”
Okay,” said Midge. “Do you want to go back to the house?”
Let's go to my house,” said Jake. “I have a big bag of dog food in the laundry room we can eat.”
Jake picked up the rope from the sled and they started for home.
The snow is so cold on my feet,” said Booker-T as he shook one foot after the other trying to keep the snow off.
Mine too,” agreed Midge. “I guess we had enough fun in the snow today.”
I am ready for the snow to go away and the spring weather come,” said Jake. “I love the warm sun and the green grass.”
Me too,” said Booker-T. “I love rolling in the green grass.”
Jake pulled the sled in front of the house and they all ran inside out of the cold. Midge hurried to the bowl for a drink of water while Jake dumped over the big bag of dog food onto the floor. They got themselves something to eat before Midge and Booker-T left the house to go home for the day.
See you tomorrow Jake,” said Midge.
Yes,” said Booker-T. “See you in the morning.”
Bye you guys,” smiled Jake. “I will come to your house Midge. I want to see Snappy.”

Okay,” agreed Midge as she headed to the door.  

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Jake and Midge
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