Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Something is Happening at the Park

  “Jake! Jake!” screamed Midge as she ran up the sidewalk to Jake's house.
“Hey! Slow down” said Jake. “What is going on? Why the hurry?”
“Come on let's go!” aid Midge. “You have to see.”
“What do I have to see?” asked Jake. “Where is Booker-T?”
“He is already there,” said Midge. “He is waiting for us.”
“Where is he waiting?” asked Jake. “Slow down a minute.”
“He is at the park,” said Midge.
“What is he doing at the park?” asked Jake.
“Come on,” said Midge as she started out the gate with Jake running behind her.
The two raced along the sidewalk to the park. They quickly looked both ways and then ran across the street into the park. They found Booker-T sitting on one of the benches.
“Are you okay?” asked Jake out of breath from running. “Midge was sure in a hurry to get me here.”
“I'm okay,” said Booker-T.
“Then what is all the excitement about?” asked Jake. “Why was Midge in such a hurry for me to come. I thought for sure something had happened to you.”
“Look over there Jake,” pointed Midge. “they are doing something to our pond.”
“Lets get closer so we can see better,” said Booker-T as he jumped off the bench.
The three started across the park toward the little pond. They saw lot of men and a big tractor.
“Are they going to take out our little pond?” asked Midge.
“Where would they take it?” asked Booker-T.
“They don't take it somewhere,” said Jake. “They just cover it up so there is no pond anymore.”
“Why will they do that?” asked Booker-T. “Don't they like our pond?”
“I don't know,” said Jake shaking his head as he watched the men standing around talking and pointing.
“Midge! Where are you going?” asked Booker-T when he saw her inching closer to the tractor that was parked under the tree.
“Ssssh,” said Midge. “I want to get closer and maybe hear what they are talking about.”
“You need to be careful Midge,” said Jake. “You don't know if those men are mean to animals or not.”
“I will be careful,” said Midge. “I can run really fast if I have to.”
Midge slowly started walking toward the parked tractor and then to the pond. A young man was leaning up against the tree eating a sandwich. He swat up when he saw Midge and held his hand out to her and smiled.
“Well, hello there,” he said as he held out his hand to her. “It's okay, I won't hurt you.”
Midge slowly walked to the young man who gently patted her head.
“I think I've seen you here in the park before,” he smiled. “I have seen you swimming in the pond sometimes with another dog and cat. Midge stood and stared at him and then toward the pond.
“We are going to put picnic tables around the area and clean up the pond,” said the man in a gentle voice not realizing Midge understood what he was talking about.
“Are you talking to that dog?” asked another man who approached the young man sitting on the ground.
“I talk to my dog all the time at home,” said the young man. “I think they understand more than we give them credit for.”
The older man laughed as Midge walked away. She went back to where her two friends were waiting behind a tree.
“Are you okay?” asked Jake. “I saw that man touch you on the head.”
“I am fine,” smiled Midge. “He was very nice. He doesn't know I understood what he was saying.”
“What did he say to you?” asked Booker-T.
“They are going to clean the pond and make it little bigger and are going to put in picnic tables in the area,” said Midge. “I think it will be really nice.”
“Picnic tables will bring more people to the park too,” said Booker-T.
“Yes,” said Jake. “And food and you know you like those handouts.”
“Very funny, Jake,” said Midge. “Yes, I do like to eat all the time too same as Booker-T.
“What do you want to do now?” asked Booker-T.
“Lets go to my house and tell Snappy what they are doing to the little pond,” said Midge.
“Okay,” said Jake. “Lets go. I will race you to the street.”
The three took off running across the park and stopped at the street to check both ways for any cars that might be coming. When it was clear, they crossed and walked to Midge's place. Along the way Gabby flew down.
“Hi you guys,” said Gabby. “I was just at the pond looking for you. What is going on down there? I saw a big tractor and lot of men. On the side of the road was two big trucks that said “Park and Recreation” on the side of the doors.”
“They are going to clean out the pond and the area around it and are putting in Picnic tables,” said Jake.
“Oh boy!” said Gabby. “That means more food scraps for me to find and eat.”
“Ha ha,” laughed Midge. “Jake said the same thing.”
“I think we all like to eat,” said Booker-T.
“Want to come see Snappy with us?” asked Midge.
“Okay,” agreed Gabby. “It has been a long time since I saw him.”
They all headed to the house with Gabby flying above them.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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