Friday, April 3, 2015

Jake's Birthday

 "Hey Jake!" called Midge as she skipped along the sidewalk to the front porch.  "Hey Jake! Where are you?"
 "Hi Midge," called Jake as he came running around the corner of the house.  "What are you doing?"
 "What are you doing?" asked Midge. "I am just coming to see you so we can go to the park."
 "I was in the back yard," said Jake. "I just came outside.  You are early this morning. The sun is barely up yet."
 "I know," said Midge.  "My owner went to work early today and I was bored sitting there at the house."
 "How is Snappy?" asked Jake. "He is there to talk to."
 "I know and we talked for a while," said Midge.  "But I was ready to come out and come see you."
 "Where is Booker-T?" asked Jake.

 "I didn't see him this morning," said Midge.  "He might be sleeping."
 "You are early so he was probably sleeping," said Jake.  "Do we need to go get him?"
 "I think we better go to his house before we go to the park," said Midge.  "He wants to come to the park too."
 "Was his owner still home when you came over here?" asked Jake.
 "I think so," said Midge.  "I guess I didn't check."
 "Why?" asked Jake.  "Are you okay today?  You usually don't forget to get Booker-T when you come here."
 "I guess I wasn't thinking today," said Midge.  "I hurried out the door and came over here."
 "Booker-T will be wondering where you are," said Jake.  "Come on and lets go find him."
 "Okay Jake," smiled Midge.
 The two hurried along the sidewalk to to Booker-T's house.  The entered the gate and ran to the back yard.  Booker-T wasn't outside.  "Hey Booker-T!" called Jake.  "Where are you?"
  No answer so he called again.  "Hey Booker-T!"
 "Maybe he went to my house looking for me," suggested Midge.  "He can go in and talk to Snappy when I am not there."
  Midge and Jake ran to her house and entered the kitchen through the little doggie door.  "Booker-T!" called Midge.  "Are you here?"
  Booker-T ran from the living room to the kitchen and greeted the two as they neared the door.  "Hi guys!"
  "What are you doing?" asked Jake.
  "I was visiting with Snappy," smiled Booker-T.  "Come on, he will be happy to see you Jake."
  The three entered the room and Jake just stood there and looked around the room.  "What is this?"
 "Happy Birthday Jake," smiled Midge.  "It is your birthday and I fixed the house for you to surprise you.  Booker-T helped.  Do you like it?"
 "Oh my goodness," said Jake.  "It is such a big surprise.  How did you get the decorations you have?"
  "My owner had them in the bedroom from a party she had two weeks ago," said Midge.
  "I came over early to help her set it all up," smiled Booker-T.  "She wanted to surprise you and when her owner left for work early, we could get it all set up and then Midge came to get you."
  "What if I had decided to go to the park?" asked Jake.
  "Midge knew you would come back for me," said Booker-T.  "We had a backup plan if you didn't."
 "You guys are great friends," said Jake.  "I sure am happy we are all friends."
  "We are too Jake," said Snappy.  "Happy Birthday Jake."
 "Thanks Snappy," said Jake.  "This is so great."
 "Birthdays are fun, don't you think?" asked Midge.  "My owner always has fun when she has a birthday party."
 "Mine does too," agreed Jake.  "I love the ice cream she always has.  That is my favorite part of her birthdays."
  "I don't have any ice cream Jake," said Midge.
  "That is okay," said Jake.  "This surprise is just great.  Am really good with this."
 "I'm glad we could make you happy Jake," said Booker-T.
 "When is your birthday Booker-T?" asked Jake.  "Midge has a birthday next month."
 "I don't know," sighed Booker-T.  "I was always on the street living til Midge got me the nice home."
 "Oh that is sad," said Midge. "We will have to pick you a day and that will be your birthday."
 "I remember when I was really little it was hot outside," said Booker-T.
 "Maybe you were born in the summer time," said Midge.
 "How about we make your birthday the first of June," said Jake.  "Is that okay?"
 "Oh, that would be good," smiled Booker-T.  "June is a good month I think."
 "Okay," said Midge.  "That will be your birthday, the 1st of June."
 "You will give me a party?" asked Booker-T.
 "Sure," replied Midge.  "you deserve a good party.  But now it won't be a surprise."
 "That is okay," said Booker-T.  "Just a nice party with my friends is good.  You can surprise me next time."
  "Okay," agreed Jake.
  "Lets eat," said Booker-T.  "I'm hungry."
  The three ran to the kitchen where Midge had dragged the bag of dog food out of the pantry into the kitchen. She grabbed the bag and pulled it open so they could eat some.  Fresh water was in the bowl and they shared the food and water.
  "Thanks Midge for the surprise," said Jake. "Do you want to go to the park now?"
  "Will you help me drag the bag of food into the pantry again," asked Midge.
  "Sure," said Jake as he grabbed the big bag and dragged it into the pantry.
  "Should we clean up the living room and put away those hats and things?" asked Booker-T.
  "No," said Midge.  "It will be okay.  My owner will do that."
  "Won't she be upset with you dragging them out," asked Jake.
 "No, she will be okay," said Midge.  "I drug them out the other day and she just put them back away."
  "Okay," smiled Jake.  "Lets go to the park for a while."
  The three said good-bye to Snappy and ran out the doggie door and up the sidewalk to the park.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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