Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stars in Midge's Eyes

After eating and taking a nice nap, Booker-T and Midge told Jake good-bye and started for home.
“Do you want to be in the movies, Booker-T?” asked Midge.
“Why do we want to be in the movies?” asked Booker-T.
“We could be famous,” said Midge.
“You want to be famous?” asked Booker-T.
“I think so,” said Midge. “I saw this movie with my owner one night about a big dog. I think her name was Lassie.”
“Was it a good movie?” asked Booker-T.
“Lassie was a really smart dog,” said Midge. “She was pretty too.”
“They are making an alien movie,” said Booker-T. “We don't look like aliens.”

“We will be ourselves,” said Midge. “They are the aliens invading our space.”
“Oh,” said Booker-T. “If I don't have to do anything hard, it might be fun. Do you think they will let us in their movie?”
“I don't know,” said Midge. “If we run into the area, we might be in the movie with them.”
“But will they let us stay in there?” asked Booker-T. “If we run in there, they might get angry at us and chase us away.”
“We could try,” smiled Midge. “I want to be in the movie.”
“Do you want to go back to the school area?” asked Booker-T. “I will go with you.”
“Okay,” said Midge. “Lets go. Hurry so we can run in there when they are making it.”
The two hurried along the sidewalk to the school. They stood watching for a moment as they saw the man running the big camera and someone shouting orders at the aliens. In front of the aliens stood a little boy and girl.
“Wow,” said the little boy. “Did you come from outer space?”
“We came from another planet,” said the male Alien. “What is your name little one?”
“I'm Billy,” said the little boy. “This is my sister, Amy.”
“Well, hello Billy,” said the lady alien. “Hello Amy.”
“Hi Mr. Alien,” said Amy.
“Do you know who your leader is here?” asked the male alien.
“What is your name?” asked Amy.
“My name is Gyro,” said the male alien. “And this is my partner Seeka.”
“We need to go see your leader,” said Seeka. “Can you take us to him?”
“I don't know who it is,” said Billy. “Maybe my dad does.”
“Lets go Booker-T,” said Midge. “Lets run in there and get in the movie.”
Midge and Booker-T ran to the boy and girl and stood staring up at them. Midge jumped up and put her front paws on the little boy's arm.
“Take us to your dad,” said Gyro. “Is that your little dog and cat?”
“No,” said Amy.
“Cut!” yelled the man next to the camera. “What is that dog and cat doing in the scene?”
“I don't know,” said Gyro. “I thought you sent them in here so I played along and asked Billy if they were his.”
“Get them out of there!” screamed the man.
“I don't think they are hurting the scene,” said the alien named Seeka. “We are suppose to be invading earth and dogs and cats are part of the life on earth. It's okay. They won't hurt the scene. Lets just do the scene, Okay?”
“Fine,” said the man. “Lets get this done so we can get back to the studio.”
“Are we in a bad mood today, George?” asked Gyro. “I thought you decided to put in the dog and cat and forgot to tell us.”
“Sorry guys,” said George. “Lets get the scene shot and get to the studio. We have to shoot the next scene in the studio. They will be waiting for us to get there.”
“Take your places,” said the cameraman.
“Oh boy,” smiled Midge. “They are going to let us stay in the movie. Won't Jake be surprised.”
“Look at the camera so all can see your face Midge,” said Booker-T. “We will be famous.”
“Jake will be so jealous,” said Midge. “I can't wait for my owner to watch the movie and see us in it.”
“Does she like Alien movies?” asked Booker-T. “I don't think my owner likes them.”
“You can come to my house when my owner watches it,” said Midge. “I hope she will watch it.”
“Okay, Billy,” said Seeka. “Take us to your dad.”
“We can't,” said Billy. “We don't know how to get to his job.”
“We have to go to school,” said Amy.
“You don't know where your dad works?” asked Gyro.
“No,” said Billy. “We have never been there.”
“He works in a big office somewhere,” said Amy.
“Take us to your home,” said Gyro.
“We have to go to school,” said Billy. “We can take you after school.”
“Great place you brought us to Seeka,” said Gyro.
“Are we in an alien movie or a comedy?” Midge asked Booker-T.
“I think it is a comedy about aliens,” laughed Booker-T. “They sure aren't scary.”
“Maybe this little dog can take us to their leader,” suggested Seeka.
“How about it little dog?” asked Gyro. “Take us to your leader.”
Midge looked at Booker-T and back at Gyro. “I think this guy is barking up the wrong tree.”
“Lets go home,” said Booker-T. “They are strange.”
“I think you are right,” said Midge. “Lets go.”
Midge and Booker-T turned and started to walk away. Gyro and Seeka began to follow them. “They are following us Booker-T,” said Midge.
“Why?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Midge.
“Do you think they will come to our house?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Midge.
When Midge and Booker-T reached the street, George yelled, “Cut! That's a wrap.”
Midge and Booker-T stopped and looked back. “What's a wrap?” asked Booker-T.
“I don't know,” said Midge. “I think I heard my owner call her coat a wrap. Those people are strange.”
“Boy,” said Booker-T. “You don't know anything all of a sudden. Did that alien do something to you?”
“No,” laughed Midge. “I really didn't know the answer to your last three questions.”
Midge and Booker-T sat down on the side of the road. “Maybe we will see what a wrap is,” said Midge. “They stopped following us.”
“I guess we walked to fast for them,” said Booker-T.
“Lets get this equipment loaded up and get back to the studio,” said George. “I'm ready for a break anyway.”
“What do you think they are going to break?” asked Booker-T.
“Maybe they are going to break the wrap,” said Midge.
Midge and Booker-T watched them load all their things into a van and drive away.
“Lets go home Midge,” said Booker-T.

Midge nodded her head and the two strolled off toward home.  

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