Friday, May 16, 2014

Midge Tells Snappy About the Alien

Midge entered the house and ran to the living room. She jumped into the chair beside Snappy's home. “Hi there Snappy,” said Midge.
“Hey Midge,” smiled Snappy. “Did you meet the alien today?'
“Want to hear the story?” asked Midge.
“Oh yes,” said Snappy climbing on the long and sitting down to listen. “Where are Jake and Booker-T?”
“They were tired after our very busy day,” said Midge. “They went home to rest, but they said they will come by here in the morning.”
“Wow, it really must have been a busy day,” said Snappy. “They don't usually get that tired after a day of fun.”
“We got to the little cafe and there were people everywhere waiting for the alien to come out to see them,” said Midge. “They were lined up on the sidewalk for blocks.”

“That must have been a lot of people,” said Snappy. “I'd be afraid of so many people. They might step on me.”
“I know,” said Midge nodding her head. “That would have been hard for you. You are so small.”
“Did you see the alien?” asked Snappy.
“We didn't want to stand in that really long line,” said Midge. “We walked along the sidewalk looking at all the people who were waiting. The line was too long and we didn't want to stand in it.”
“But isn't it cheating to go ahead of them?” asked Snappy.
“If we were human, it would be bad to go ahead of them,” said Midge. “But we are animals you know, so going all the way to the front doesn't matter much.”
“Wow,” said Snappy. “You went to the front of the line? Didn't the people get angry with you?”
“No,” Midge. “They didn't say anything.”
“Nobody said anything?” asked Snappy.
“Well, one little boy tried to pet Booker-T as we walked by,” said Midge. “But his mother yanked him back in line. We got to the front of the line and We tried to see inside the cafe. Booker-T peaked in the window trying to see if the alien was inside.”
“Did he see it?” asked Snappy.
“Not at first,” said Midge. “We were trying to think of a way to get one of those hamburgers. They smelled so good Snappy. You would have wanted one too if you smelled how good they were.”
“Did the alien come out?” asked Snappy.
“We waited by the door and the alien came out with a hand full of papers,” said Midge. “He walked along the line of people and gave each one of them a piece of paper. I sat there looking at him and wondered what the papers were.”
“No hamburgers?” asked Snappy. “What did he do with all the hamburgers?”
“He dropped one of the papers and I ran to pick it up,” said Midge. “I looked at the paper and showed it to Jake.”
“What was it?” asked Snappy.
“It was something the humans call a coupon,” said Midge.
“What is a coupon Midge?” asked Snappy.
“Jake said it was a paper that says you can get something for nothing or you can get it at a cheaper cost,” said Midge.
“What was the coupon for?” asked Snappy.
“The people had to use the coupon to get the hamburger,” said Midge. “But they had to buy a coke and fries to get the hamburger free.”
“Oh,” said Snappy. “So you didn't get a free hamburger.”
“We did,” smiled Midge.
“But how did you get a hamburger without buying a coke and fries?” asked Snappy. “You three can't buy anything.”
“We didn't have to buy anything,” said Midge.
“How did you get the hamburger?” asked Snappy.
“Well, I took the coupon and followed someone into the cafe,” said Midge. “I went to the counter and climbed onto a chair. When the girl behind the counter tried to tell me I had to go outside, I put the coupon on the counter.”
“Did she make you leave the cafe?” asked Snappy.
“She got one of those hamburgers and I followed her outside where she gave me the hamburger,” said Midge.
“Did you share the hamburger with Jake and Booker-T?” asked Snappy.
“No,” said Midge.
“That was selfish,” said Snappy. “Why didn't you share it? That isn't like you Midge.”
“Because the girl got them each one of their own,” said Midge.
“That was nice,” said Snappy.
“She was nice,” said Midge. “Booker-T and Jake were sitting up and begging when I followed the girl out the door. The girl thought they were so cute begging. She especially thought it was cute that Booker-T was sitting up like a dog and begging.”
“That was nice of her to give you each a hamburger,” Smiled Snappy.
“Yes,” said Booker-T as he came into the room and leaped into the chair beside Midge.
“Hi Booker-T,” said snappy.
“What are you doing here so early?” asked Midge. “My owner hasn't left for work yet.”
“Where is she?” asked Booker-T. “I didn't see her car out there when I came up the driveway.”
“Her car is at the shop to have the oil changed,” said Midge. “Her friend from work is picking her up this morning.”
“Oh wow,” said Booker-T. “I will hide when she comes down the stairs.”
“Okay,” said Midge. “She should be down here soon. She was taking a shower few minutes ago.”
“Midge told me you sat up and begged like a dog yesterday,” laughed Snappy. “I bet that was cute.”
“Thank you Snappy,” said Booker-T. “I think I'm really cute.”
“Oh my,” said Midge. “Now you will give him the big head, Snappy.”
“Aw, come on Midge,” smiled Booker-T. “You know I'm cute.”
“I admit you did good yesterday begging for a hamburger,” said Midge.
“But I'm cute,” said Booker-T. “You heard the girl.”
“Oh,” said Midge. “Did she say you were cute?”
“Midge!” said Booker-T poking Midge with her nose. “You heard her.”
“Show me,” said Snappy. “I want to see how you sat up.”
“Don't you think this is cute?” asked Booker-T as he sat up to show off for Snappy forgetting that he was on the chair and fell off onto the floor.
Midge and Snappy laughed so hard.
“Ha ha ha,” said Booker-T crawling back into the chair. “That wasn't funny. That hurt.”
“Are you ok Booker-T?” asked Snappy.
“I'm good,” said Booker-T.
“So you all got a good hamburger for free, right?” asked Snappy.
“We each got one and they were so good,” said Booker-T. “Midge was brave and went inside with the coupon and to get her out of the cafe, the girl gave her a hamburger and when they came outside the girl went back inside and got two more burgers. We ate our burgers and came back home.”
“I'm glad you got to see the alien and got your free hamburger,” smiled Snappy.
“Hide!” shouted Midge. “Here comes my owner.”
Booker-T jumped from the chair and hide behind peaking out to see Midge's owner cross the room to the kitchen. She stopped and patted Midge on the head and then leaned down and patted Booker-T on the head. “Well, well, what are you doing here?” said Midge's owner.

Booker-T and Midge looked at each other and back at Midge's owner. They followed her to the kitchen where she gave them each a bowl of water.  

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