Friday, May 30, 2014

Little Lost Puppy

Midge ran down the stairs in the morning and leaped into the big chair beside Snappy. “Good morning Snappy,”
“Hi Midge,” said Snappy. “Did you sleep good last night?”
“I did,” said Midge. “How about you?”
“I slept really good,” smiled Snappy. “Is Jake and Booker-T going to come by today and say hi?”
“I can ask them,” said Midge. “Are you missing being at the pond?”
“No,” said Snappy. “I love my new home here, but I do miss seeing Jake and Booker-T too.”
“I know,” said Midge. “I'm sure they will come to see you. I will ask when I go to Jake's this morning.”
“Is Booker-T going with you to Jake's?” asked Snappy.
“He is suppose to go with me,” said Midge.
“Who is going with you where?” asked Booker-T as he entered the living room.

“Hey Booker-T!” said Midge. “I didn't know you were coming over here.”
“I saw your owner leave for work so came over to say hi to Snappy,” said Booker-T. “Is that okay?”
“Sure,” smiled Midge. “It is fine. I know you won't do anything to mess up the house.”
“Thanks,” said Booker-T. “Where are you going and with who?”
“Snappy wanted me to ask you and Jake if you would come to see him,” said Midge. “I told him I would and he wanted to know if you were going to Jake's with me.”
“Sure,” said Booker-T. “I will go to Jake's with you. Do you want to go now and bring Jake back?”
“Okay,” said Midge as she leaped down from the chair. “We will be back in a little while Snappy with Jake.”
“Bye Midge,” said Snappy. “Bye Booker-T.”
“Bye Snappy,” said Booker-T. “See you soon.”
Midge and Booker-T crossed the room into the kitchen and started through the doggie door when the door started to open. Midge jumped back and stood staring at the door. Through the door came a small white puppy.
“Hello little one,” said Midge. “Where are you going?”
“I don't know,” said the little puppy and he sat down in front of Midge. “Do you live here?”
“Yes,” said Midge. “This is my home. Where do you live?”
“I'm lost,” said the puppy. “I don't know where I live.”
“Let me see,” said Booker-T. “You have a tag on your collar, so you must belong to someone. I'm sure they will be looking for you.”
“Do you think so?” asked the puppy. “I miss them.”
“When did you get lost?” asked Midge.
“Yesterday,” said the puppy. “I slept next to your back door last night.”
“Oh my,” said Midge. “You should have come on inside.”
“I came inside,” said the puppy. “But it was dark and I didn't see anyone so I went back outside. I didn't think this was my house.”
“How did you get lost?” asked Booker-T.
“I was playing in my yard and I ran after a little boy,” said the puppy. “I thought it was the little boy I live with. I only saw him from the back and he was in my yard to get a ball.”
“This looks like an address on your tag,” said Midge. “Your name is Jasper?”
“That's what they call me,” said Jasper. “So I think that is my name.”
“How long have you lived with your family?” asked Booker-T.
“They took me home to their house three days ago,” said Jasper.
“Wait here,” said Midge as she ran to the living room and leaped into the chair beside Snappy's tank. “Snappy, we have a little lost puppy in the kitchen. We are going to take him home and then we will go get Jake and will be back.”
“Oh how sad,” said Snappy. “How long has he been lost?”
“He said he got lost yesterday,” said Midge.
“How do you know where to take him?” asked Snappy.
“There is an address on his little tag with his name,” said Midge. “Booker-T thinks he can find it. Maybe his owner will be out looking for him.”
“Good luck Midge,” said Snappy. “I hope you can find his home for him.”
“Me too Snappy,” said Midge jumping out the chair and running to the kitchen. “Come on Booker-T. Lets see if we can get Jasper back home with his family.”
The three went through the door and started up the sidewalk. “Lets go get Jake to help,” said Booker-T. “He is smart and knows the neighborhood good.”
“Okay,” agreed Midge. “Jasper, we are going to go get our good friend, Jake. He knows the neighborhood good so he probably knows where this street is.”
They entered the yard gate at Jake's house and ran up the steps. “Hey Jake!” called Midge as she got to the top of the steps. “What are you doing?”
“I was napping,” said Jake sitting up. “Who is this with you?”
“This is Jasper,” said Midge. “He is lost.”
“Hi Jasper,” smiled Jake. “How long have you been lost?”
“I got lost yesterday,” said Jasper.
“The little tag on his collar says he lives on Mission Road,” said Booker-T. “I think I know where it is but I'm not sure. Do you know where it is?”
“That's the little road on the other side of the park near the school,” said Jake. “Do you want to take him home?”
“Yes,” said Midge. “Will you go with us?”
“Sure,” smiled Jake. “Don't worry Jasper. We will get you back home with your family.”
“Thank you,” said Jasper. “You are all really nice.”
“How long have you lived there?” asked Jake.
“I have only lived there 3 days now.” said Jasper.
“That's why you got lost,” said Jake. “You haven't learned where to go and how to get back yet.”
“He slept in my backyard last night,” said Midge. “He came in the house through my little doggie door when Booker-T and I were getting ready to come see you.”
“What color is your house, Jasper?” asked Jake.
“My house is same color as Midge's house,” said Jasper. “I thought it was mine when I saw it. But think it is bigger than mine.”
“Come on,” said Jake starting down the steps with the others following behind him. “We will cross the park to the school.”
The four of them ran across the park and found the school. “There's the street sign,” said Jake. “This is Mission Road.”
“Come on Jasper,” said Midge. “I think your house is here somewhere.”
“Over there Midge,” said Booker-T. “See that blue house next to the yellow one?”
“I see,” said Midge as they got closer to the house. “Is that your house Jasper?”
“Oh yes,” smiled Jasper. “That's my house. Thank you so much for helping me.”
“You are welcome Jasper,” said Midge. “I hope we can be friends.”
“Oh yes,” said Jasper. “I would like that.”
“We can come by in the mornings and walk you around the neighborhood and the park so you learn your way around and won't get lost anymore,” said Booker-T.
“I would like that,” said Jasper. “I was really scared last night when I couldn't find my house.”
“You will learn,” said Jake. “No worries.”
“Thanks you guys,” said Jasper as he ran for the back door.
“He's a cute little guy,” smiled Jake. “Glad we could help him get back home. And thanks for offering to help him learn the neighborhood and park Booker-T.”
“Sure,” said Booker-T. “No problem. Midge was so good to find me a home and I think it would be great to help the little guy learn his way around here and it's nice to have a new friend.”
“I agree,” said Midge. “Come on, lets go to the house. Jake, Snappy wants you to come say hello.”
“Okay,” said Jake. “Lets go.”

The three fiends ran back across the park and ran to Midge's house.  

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