Friday, May 2, 2014

Midge Wants to See the Alien

     “Good morning Midge,” said Jake as he watched Midge hurry up the steps to the porch.
     “Hi Jake,” smiled Midge.  “What are you doing this morning?”
     “Same thing I do every morning,” laughed Jake. “You know me. I love my nap after breakfast.”
     “I know,” said Midge.  “You are a dog who loves to nap.  I like to play.”
     “I like to play too,” said Jake. “But after breakfast, I like to take a good nap and let my food settle some. Do you want to go to the park this morning?”
     “Aren't we going to the hamburger place and see that alien this morning?” asked Midge.  “I want to see what the alien is going to do.”
     “We can go see the alien,” said Jake. “I don't think that place opens til later close to lunch,” said Jake.  “Isn't Booker-T coming to see him too?”
     “He said he wanted to go,” said Midge.  “Before we go play, do you want to come see Snappy?  He don't get to come play at the pond anymore now that he has his new home in the tank.”
     “Is he missing the park?” asked Jake. 
     “I think he is, but you know Snappy,” said Midge.  “He isn't going to admit he misses being there.”
     “Oh,” said Jake.  “let's go see him.  On the way we can stop and get Booker-T.  He might want to see Snappy too.”
     “Okay,” said Midge as she turned to follow Jake down the steps.  They raced along the sidewalk and ran into the yard where Booker-T lived. 
     “Booker-T,” called Jake.  “Where are you?” 
     They sat on the porch in front of the door.  No Booker-T. 
     “Hey Booker-T!” called Midge.  “Where are you?” 
     Still they heard nothing and Booker-T didn't come outside. 
     “I wonder if he is on the way to your house Jake,” said Midge.
     “If he is, he walked a different way this morning,” said Jake.  “We didn't pass him.”
    “Oh, yes,” said Midge.  “That's true.”
     “I was wondering what you were thinking,” said Midge.  “Booker-T always comes the same way you do.”
     “Maybe he is still sleeping,” said Jake.  “Or is it his time to go to the vet for his yearly checkup and shots?”
     “Don't think it is time for his shots yet,” said Midge.  “I think he goes about the same time I do and it isn't time for me to go yet.”
     “Let's go see Snappy,” said Jake. “I'm sure Booker-T will show up sooner or later.”
     “Okay,” said Midge as she stepped off the porch and they crossed the yard to her house.
     They ran around the corner of the house and entered the doggie door in the back door.  They crossed the kitchen to the living room and when they entered the room, there sat Booker-T in the big chair talking to Snappy.
     “Hey Booker-T!” said Midge.  “We were just looking for you.”
     “I hope you don't mind me coming in to see Snappy,” said Booker-T.  “I saw your owner leave for the day so I knew it would be safe to come in.  I thought you were still here.”
     “It's okay Booker-T,” said Midge.  “We were just looking for you to ask if you wanted to go see the alien this morning.”
     “Oh,” smiled Booker-T.  “I forgot about the alien. Yes, I want to see what he is going to do. I wanted to say hi to Snappy.  He don't get to play with us at the pond anymore.”
     “Hi Snappy,” greeted Jake. “How are you doing in your new home?”
     “I love it Jake,” said Snappy.  “My new owner takes really good care of me and Midge always talks to me every day.”
     “Do you miss being at the pond?” asked Midge. 
     “No,” replied Snappy.  “I miss seeing you all sometimes, but I really don't miss being at the pond.  This is nice here.  I have a small pond area in here and a couple little logs to sit on and good food to eat.” 
      “We will try to come see you every morning before we go play,” said Booker-T.  “We miss playing with you but we are happy that you have a really nice home now.”
      “Me too,” said Jake. “I was worried about those mean boys hurting you with their rock throwing.  You are a little guy.”
     “Are the boys still going to the pond to throw rocks?” asked Snappy.
     “No,” said Jake.  “I haven't seen them so far this year.  Maybe they won't come back to throw rocks anymore.  They were so mean to you.”
     “They were mean to other kids too,” said Midge.  “Remember?”
     “I remember,” said Snappy.  “And you took care of them good that day.”
     “And we didn't even lay a paw on them,” laughed Jake.
     “How is Misty?” asked Snappy. 
     “She is really good now,” smiled Booker-T.  “She went on vacation for a week now with her owner.”
     “I'm glad she is doing much better now,” said Snappy. “It was good to see her the other day when you brought her over to see me.”
     “I will bring her over here to see you when she gets back home,” said Booker-T.  “I know she will like to come see you.”
     “What are you guys going to do this morning?” asked Snappy.
     “Remember I told you last night that I saw an alien?” reminded Midge.
     “I remember,” laughed Snappy. 
     “Well,” said Midge. “We are going to the new hamburger place and see what the alien is going to do today.” 
     “That will be fun,” said Snappy.  “Maybe he will give you a hamburger if you beg.”
     “Maybe,” said Midge. “That's how we can get one of those hamburgers.”
     “Do you really think they will give you a hamburger if you beg?” laughed Jake. 
     “But don't you think I'm cute when I sit up and beg?” smiled Midge.
    “I know your owner thinks you are cute when you sit up and beg,” said Booker-T.  “But do you think an alien will think you are cute?”
    “I think he will,” said Midge flipping her head.  “Lets go see.”
    “We are coming,” said Jake. “But we don't have to hurry.  He won't be there yet.”
    “How do you know he won't be there yet?” asked Midge.
    “The commercial said that alien will be there about 11:00 am,” said Jake.  “See the clock over there.  It is only 10:00 am now.  We have a little time yet.”
    “Okay,” said Booker-T.  “We can stay here and visit with Snappy while we wait.”
    “Do you have anything to eat?” asked Booker-T.  “I'm hungry.”
    “You are always hungry,” laughed Midge.  “No, I don't have anything. My owner put the bag of food in the pantry closet and we can't open it.”
     “I can try to turn the doorknob if you want,” said Jake. “Remember I did it one time.”
     “I remember and I also remember we made a mess and my owner wasn't too happy when she got home,” said Midge.
     “Oh, I remember,” said Jake.  “I guess we better not try again.”
     “I think we better not,” said Midge.  “If we make a mess, we can’t do anything to clean it up.”
     “Okay Midge,” said Jake.  “Lets go to the hamburger place.  Maybe Midge is right.  If we beg good, maybe they will toss us a hamburger.”
     “Okay,” smiled Midge.  “We will see you later Snappy.”
     “Okay, Midge,” said Snappy.  “I hope the alien will give you a hamburger.”

     Midge, Jake and Booker-T ran to the back door and one by one, went through the doggie door to the back yard.  They hurried along the sidewalk to the hamburger joint where they each were hoping to get a free handout.  

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