Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake and his Brain

   "Hey Jake!" called Midge as she hurried up the sidewalk to the front porch.  "What are you doing this morning?"
   "Hi Midge," said Jake as he sat up.  "I was taking a nap."
   "A nap?"  asked Midge. "Why were you taking a nap?  Didn't you just wake up this morning?"
   "I got up about an hour ago," said Jake.  "But I was still sleepy."
   "Wow," said Midge.  "Are you okay?  You don't usually take a nap an hour after you wake up."

   "I'm fine," said Jake.  "It was just one of those nights that I couldn't sleep.  Don't you get nights like that?"
   "Oh no," said Midge. "I can always sleep.  You know me.  Doesn't matter what time of the day or night it is, I can sleep."
   "I usually can," said Jake.  "But I had a lot on my mind last night and so the brain was working even after I laid down."
  "Oh wow," said Midge.  "Your brain is working overtime?"
  "What?" asked Jake.  "What do you mean overtime?  My brain always works."
  "It means your brain should have gone to sleep when you laid down," said Midge.  "You said your brain was still working.  So it was working overtime, past the time it should have gone to sleep."
  "Oh okay," said Jake.  "Yes, I guess the brain was working overtime.  I heard my mistress tell someone on the phone one day that she couldn't sleep because the brain wouldn't slow down."
  "I never had that happen," said Midge.  "I can always go to sleep."
  "It is hard when you lay down and then you just lay there trying to sleep and sleep won't come," said Jake.  "I was going to get up and come outside, but igt was too dark out here so I walked around the house for a while.
   "Why did you walk around the house," said Midge.  "If you want to sleep, shouldn't you stay in bed?"
   "I was trying to tire myself out so I would go to sleep," said Jake.  "But it didn't work.  I got tired, but the brain didn't."
  "Sorry Jake," said Midge.  "I hope I don't have that problem happen.  I like to sleep and would feel bad if I couldn't go to sleep.  Do you need to sleep some more before we go to the park?"
  "No, I'm okay now," said Jake.  "Maybe tonight will be a better night.  I think once I get up and moving around, I will be okay and I can always take a quick nap at the park later."
  "Okay," said Midge.   "Lets go.  We are supposed to meet Booker-T at the park. I think Susie is comine with him today."
  "Okay Midge," said Jake as he followed her down the steps and across the yard to the sidewalk along the street.  The two headed to the park to play.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T