Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

   "Hey Midge!" called Jake as he strolled up to the front porch where Midge was lounging on the big chair. 
   "Hi Jake," said Midge.  "What are you doing this morning? You are out really early today."
   "I know," said Jake.  "My mistress got up early to meet some friends for a Labor Day picnic."
   "Labor day," said Midge.  "What is Labor day?  I don't remember hearing my mistress talk about that day."
    "I don't know," said Jake.  "Not sure why they call it labor day because I don't think she labors on labor day."
   "Then why do they call it Labor day?" asked Midge.  "Sounds like a day you will be doing some kind of labor doesn't it?"

   "I guess it does, "said Jake.  "I don't know why they celebrate a day of Labor without working. That is too confusing."
   "Do you think Gabby knows about this labor day thing?" asked Midge.  "You know he flys all over the place and hears things.  Maybe he knows why they don't work on labor day."
   "We can aske him," said Jake.  "Come on, lets go to the park and check with Snappy. Maybe he has seen him."
   Midge and jake started strolling up the sidewalk, heading to the park to find Gabby.   From above them, Gabby came swooping down in front of them.   "Hey guys," said Gabby.  "Where are you going?"
   "Hi Gabby," said Midge.  "We were on our way to the park to find you.  We have a question for you."
  "Sure Midge," said Gabby.  "What do you want to know.  I know everything you know."
   "Ha ha," said Jake.  "You think you know everything, but I bet there is something that you don't know."
   "Well, maybe," said Gabby. "But I know a lot of things because I get around and people talk and don't know that I understand."
   "Do you know anything about this Labor Day thing?" asked Jake.
   "Oh yeah, I know a little  about it," said Gabby.  " It is the end of summer for kids.  They have to go back to school."
   "What does that have to do with labor?" asked Midge.  "That doesn't make sense."
   "You really don't know about Labor day, do you," said Jake.
   "I hear people talking about the end of summer for school kids," said Gabby.  "And I hear them talking about a day to stop wearing white.  What else is it for?"
   "It has something to do with work," said Jake.  "But we don't know what."
   "Oh, I don't know," said Gabby.  "Wow, something I don't know about.  That is a first."
  "Yeah it is," said Jake.  "How can we find out what labor day is for.  It must have something to do with picnics maybe."
   "Why does it have to be about picnics?" asked Midge.
   "My mistress is having a picnic today with her friends," said Jake.  "She called it a labor day picnic."
  " Maybe you are right Jake," said Gabby.  "That might be, but why did they call it labor day if it is about picnics?   Doesn't the word labor have something to do with work?"
   "I think so," said Midge.  "You are right.  Having a picnic isn't work, is it?"
   "I thought a picnic was fun," said Jake.  "Maybe they are work for the humans."
   "No," said Gabby.  "Picnics are fun. They aren't work."
  "But they have to work to put it together,"  said Midge. "That is work."
  "That is true," said Jake.  "It is work to get the picnic stuff ready."
  "Well, that's it then," said Gabby. "Labor day is celebrating the big picnic before school starts."
  "Yeah," said Jake.  "That makes sense. I think we figured it out."
  "I don't think so," said Midge.  "I think it is something else and I don't think we will even know what it is."
  "Then lets forget this thing they call Labor day and go have fun," said Jake.
  "You are right," said Midge.  "I'm tired of trying to figure it out."
   The three decided they will never know what this thing is that humans call labor day and hurried the rest of the way to the park to find Snappy and play.

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