Saturday, September 17, 2011

Midge Invites Jake

    “Hey Jake!” called Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch.  “What are you doing up there?”
     “What does it look like I was doing?” sang Jake.   “Why are you singing what you say?”
    “I’m in a good mood,” said Midge.  “Do you want to come to the house tonight?”
    “Why?” asked Jake. "What is going on at your house tonight?"
    “You don’t want to come to the house?” asked Midge. 

    “Sure I will come over,” said Jake. “I just wondered what was going on.”
    “Oh,” said Midge.  “Well, you can come watch the fun with me that is going to happen tonight.”
    “What is happening tonight?” asked Jake. "I've never been to your house at night.  Won't your mistress get upset if I come over tonight?"
    "She won't even notice you are there tonight," said Midge.  "She will be too busy tonight." 
    "She isn't going to be home?" asked Jake. 
    "Oh no, she will be there," said Midge.  "But she won't notice us." 
    "Why?" asked Jake.  
    “Do you know what football is?” asked Midge.
   “Yes,” said Jake.  “It’s a game they play with a funny looking ball.”
    “I know,” said Midge.  “It is kind of oval looking. I like the round balls we play with much better, but they play with the funny one.”
    “What does football have to do with tonight at your house?” asked Jake.  “Are we going to play football?  I don't know how to play football.  And I don't think that ball would be too good for fetching.”
     “No, you silly thing,” laughed Midge.  “Of course not, dogs don't play football.  I thought you wee smarter than me.”
     “I was being funny.  Then what are we going to see when I come over?” asked Jake.  "Is your mistress going to play football?"
    “My mistress is having something called a tailgate party in her living room,” said Midge.
     “Why do I want to see that?” asked Jake.
      “Because her friends come with their faces all painted and they dance around funny and yell,” said Midge.  “They are funny to watch.”
      “That will be fun,” said Jake. “See you tonight.”
      "Good," said Midge.  "Jake, do you know what a tailgate party is?  Why is it called tailgate?"
      "I heard my mistress talking to her boyfriend about it once," said Jake.  "But I don't know what kind of party it is. She never said what it was."
      "I wonder if Gabby knows why a tailgate party is," said Midge.  "I only know that they look and act strange and then while they are dancing around and all, they are yelling at the TV."
     "Why do they yell at the TV?" asked Jake.  "I've never heard my mistress yelling at her TV unless the TV isn't coming on and then she gets upset."
     "I don't know why they yell at the TV," said Midge.
    "What are they saying when they yell at it?" asked Jake. 
    "Something like, 'What do you mean pass interference!'" said Midge.  "Go, go go!"
    "What is pass interference?" asked Jake.  "Go, go, go sounds like they want someone to get out of there."
    "Yeah it does," said Midge.  "I don't know what pass interference is, but they say that sometimes."
    "That is a strange party," said Jake.  "I like the dancing around and the eating, but I don't understand the yelling at the TV part."
    "Me either," said Midge.  "Maybe a tailgate party is like a halloween party."
   "Why do you think it is like that?" asked Jake.
   "Because they are all painted up with colors," said Midge.
   "Maybe that's it," said Jake.  "It is like a halloween party.  But why do they yell at the TV?"
   "I think we need to ask Gabby to see if he knows," said Midge.  "Do you want to go to the park to see if Gabby is there?"
   "Okay," said Jake.  "Lets go find him."
   "Okay," said Midge as the two started walking toward the park to find Gabby. 
    They hurried along the sidewalk and into the partk.  At the pond, they found Gabby talking to Snappy. 
   "Hey Gabby," said Midge.  "Hi Snappy."
   "Hi you two," said Gabby.  "What are you two doing this morning?"
   "We are looking for you," said Midge.
   "Well, you found me," said Gabby.  "What is going on?"
   "Do you know anything about football?" asked Jake. 
   "Football?" asked Gabby.
   "Yeah, football," said Midge. 
   "Not much," said Gabby.  "I only know it is a game the humans play with a funny looking ball."
   "I know," said Jake. "That is what I said."
   "Why do you want to know about football?" asked Gabby.
   "I want to know what a tailgate party is," said Midge.
   "Oh, that is a part they have from the tailgate of a pickup truck," said Gabby. "They do it at the games all the time."
   "Then why do they call it a tailgate party when it is at home?" asked Jake.
   "I don't know that," said Gabby.  "Maybe just having a party on football game day, they call it that automatically."
   "Yeah, maybe," said Midge.
   "Why are you wanting to know what a tailgate party is?" asked Gabby.
   "My mistress is having one tonight," said Midge. "I asked Jake if he wanted to come watch them act funny and all painted up in colors."
   "That is usually the colors of the football team that they like," said Gabby.  "Can I come watch?"
   "Sure," said Midge.  "It will be fun."
   "Okay, see you tonight," said Gabby as he flew away.
   "You want to go for a swim before we go home?" asked Midge. 
   "No, lets go," said Jake.
   "Okay," said Midge as the two told Snappy good-bye and started walking home. 

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