Sunday, September 11, 2011

Midge wants to Sing

   "Hey Jake," sang Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to the porch.  "Where are you Jake?  I'm coming up the sidewalk looking for you."
   "Midge," said Jake. "What in the world are you doing? Why are you singing everything you say?"
   "Because I'm practicing to sing," said Midge.
   "But why are you practicing to sing?" asked Jake.  "Why do you need to sing? Dogs don't sing."
   "Why don't they?" asked Midge.  "You hear me singing don't you?"

   "Well, yes I do," said Jake.  "I think you got me there. But where are you going to be singing?"
   "I don't know yet," said Midge.  "Mayb I will go to Nashville."
   "Oh, Nashville," said Jake.  "And how are you going to get there and who is going to listen to you sing? And what kind of music are you going to sing?"
   "What kind of music?" asked Midge.  "Are there different kinds?"
   "Sure," said Jake.  "There is country, rock, jazz, cajun, and many more types."
   "Oh wow, I didn't know that," said Midge.  "My mistress only listens to one kind so I think I will do what she listens to."
    "And what does she listen to?" asked Jake.
   "She is a big country music fan," said Midge.  "I like someone named Dolly Parton.  Do you know who that is?"
   "No," said Jake.  "I never heard of him."
  "It is a she," said Midge.  "I like her music. She is good.  My mistress listens to her all the time.  I want to be like her."
   "But you will never be like her," said Jake. "You are a dog and she is a human person."
   "I know," said Midge. " But I can try."
   "Sure," said Jake. "You can try all you want to."
   "Do you like to hear me sing Jake?" asked Midge.  "I don't think Booker-T and Gabby like to hear me sing?"
   "Why do you say that?" said Jake.
   "Well, Jake," said Midge.  "They were laughing at me.  I was in he backyard performing on stage when they came over to the house."
   "You were performing on a stage?  What stage?" asked Jake
   "I have a stage in the back yard," said Midge. 
  "I never saw a stage in your back yard," said Jake.  "Where is it?"
  "You are on stage when you walk out the door," said Midge.
  "That is your back porch," said Jake.
  "No Jake," said Midge shaking her head at him. "That is my stage.  I sing on it." a
  "I guess you can make anything a stage," said Jake.  "My front porch can be a stage too."
  "That's true Jake," said Midge.  "You can stand here and sing."
  "I don't think so Midge," said Jake.  "I can't sing and I don't want to sing."
  "But it is fun," said Midge.  "I like to sing."
  "That is good," said Jake. "It will give you something to do when we aren't playing. But we are supposed to go play with Snappy today."
   "I forgot," said Midge.
   "You forgot?" asked Jake. "You never forget when we are supposed to go play."
   "I know it," said Midge.  "I was so busy with my singing that I forgot.  Was Booker-T and Gabby over here on their way to the park?"
   "No, I told Booker-T that we would meet him at the park," said Jake. 
  "And Gabby?" asked Midge. "Did he come by?"
  "Yes," said Jake.  "He stopped for a minute on his way to the park.  Told me he would see us there."
  "I guess we better go to the park," said Midge.
  "Yes we better," said Jake as he led the way down the steps of the porch.
  Midge followed behind him as they started walking to the park. 

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Jake and Midge
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