Saturday, August 13, 2011

After the Rain

   Buffy  was a small white Persian cat who lived up the street from Midge.  She was on her front porch curled up on a soft cushion of the lawn chair as she watched the rain tapping on the porch railing.  She wanted to play with Pokey, the black and white cat who roamed the neighborhood not really belonging to anyone.  He was "the cat about town,"  as he called himself.  Buffy wsas intriqued by his carefree manner. She hadn't seen Pokey this morning and thought that he was probably sleeping somewhere out of the rain, but she missed him just the same.

   She glanced at the sky with her sad blue eyes, wishing that the rain would go away. She was bored with just laying around on the porch with no one to play with.  She finally dozed off while watching the rain and slept for a couple hours.  She awoke to the sound of a voice calling her name.
   "Buffy!" called a voice, bringing her out of her quiet sleep.
   "What is it?" asked Buffy jumping up and looking around to see who was calling her name.
  "Come on Buffy," said Pokey as he leaped up the front porch to where she now stood. "Lets go for a walk in the park."
  Buffy hadn't realized the rain had stopped. she was dreaming of the warm sunshine and running in the park with Pokey before he woke her up. 
   "Hi Pokey," said Buffy.  "Oh, the rain stopped. I'm so glad the rain has stopped now.  What are you doing?"
   "Lets go to the park," said Pokey.
   "Okay, lets go!" said Buffy with excitement as she hurried down the steps and followed Pokey along the sidewalk.
   Buffy adn Pokey ran down the street three blocks to the park where they would always have fun chasing butterflies and grasshoppers.  The thick green carpet of grass was always fun for rolling in it also.  They would sometimes meet Susie and Booker-T at the park and they would all play together.  they were running to the pond to find Snappy when Buffy stopped and stood staring at the sky. 
   "Pokey, look up there," said Buffy. "Look at the rainbows.  There are two of them this morning.  Aren't they beautiful?"
  "They are so pretty with their bright colors," said Pokey.
  "I love to see the rainbow after a rain," said Buffy.  "They seem to make the day brighter."
  "Yes they do," said Pokey. "I like them too."
  They enjoyed the beautiful rainbows that had formed after the rain, as the sun peaked through the clouds. They stood staring at the rainbows for a while, then ran off to chase the butterflies. At the pond, they met Susie and Booker-T who were playing with Snappy and listening to Gabby talk about  his advertures of yesterday. 

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