Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Susie's Discovery

    Susie loved to romp around the lush green grass chasing the butterflies who were brave enogh to land within her reach.  She would crotch low and with one leg at a time, she would slowly and steadily inch her way toward the unsuspecting butterfly.  Every step she took, she would pause for a moment and stare at the tiny creature and never once link an eye.  She never took her eye off her little prey as she moved closer to the little butterfly.  Then suddenly she would leap forward and pounce upon the butterfly with all fours.  Carefully she would lift her paw to view her catch, only to discover once again, she had only caught the air. 

   "How does he get away so fast?" thought Susie.  "I crept up to it ever so quietly."
   "Hey Susie!" yelled Tiger as he came running around the corner of the house into the back yard where Susie stood staring at her paws.   "What are you doing?"
   "I was trying to catch a butterfly," replied Susie.  "But they are so fast."
   "Ha ha ha," laughed Tiger. "What makes you think you are going to catch a butterfly?  You aren't fast enough Susie."
   "I will catch one!" snapped Susie.  "It might take me a while, but I will get one."
   But Susie bean to think that Tiger was right.  She was soon to discover that the butterflies could fly and she could not.  She hadn't realized that they could fly away so quickly, keeping her from being able to catch them.  She climbed up the tree beside the house and leaped onto the roof where she had seen a butterfly land.  She carefully stepped to the edge of the roof and glanced down at Tiger standing near the tree.  "It is so far down there,"  thought Susie.  "I better be careful or I might fall off the edge."
   "Susie," said Tiger.  "You better be careful up there." 
   "I will," said Susie as she saw the butterfly sitting on the edge of the roof. 
   Susie slowly inched her way toward the pretty butterfly.  When she got close enough to reach out and touch it, the butterfly took off into the air.  Susie leaped up after it and missed the roof's edge.  Down to the ground she went with a thump. 
   "Ouch!" screamed Susie.  "That hurt!"
   "Ha ha ha ha," laughed Tiger rolling in the grass. "What are you trying to do?  Fly like a butterfly?"
   "I thought I could fly like they do," said Susie.  "That hurt. Why are you laughing at me?"
   "Because you are so funny," said Tiger.  "Are you okay?"
   "I am okay I think," said Susie.  "I guess I can't fly like they do."
   "Cats don't fly, Susie,"  said Tiger.  "You have to keep your feet on the ground with the rest of us four legged pets."
   "I guess you are right," said Susie as she rubbed her back side where she landed.  "I will leave the flying to the butterflies."

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