Thursday, August 4, 2011

Midge’s Excitement

   “Jake! Jake!” screamed Midge as she ran up the sidewalk to the porch steps.  “Jake!”
   “Hey Midge, I’m right here so you don’t need to shout,” said Jake. “What is all the excitement about?”
   “Have you seen Gabby today?” asked Midge.
   “Not today, no,” said Jake. “What has Gabby done now?”
   “Why do you want to know if he did anything?” asked Midge.
   “It’s because every time you get all excited and looking for Gabby, he has usually done something wrong,” said Jake.

   “Oh no, this is different,” said Midge. “I want to ask him something important.”
   “I haven’t seen him today,” said Jake. “What do you need to ask him about?”
   “Did you know there is a festival coming to town this weekend?” asked Midge.
   “A festival?” asked Jake.  “Where did you hear that?”
   “My mistress was talking to someone on the phone about it,” answered Midge.  “Won’t that be fun Jake?  It’s a real festival.”
   “What kind of festival?” asked Jake.
   “I don’t know,” said Midge. “She didn’t say, but won’t a festival be fun Jake?”
   “They aren’t going to let us go,” said Jake.
   “We can sneak in and take a peak,” said Midge.  “I want to see a festival Jake.”
   “We can try,” said Jake. “Maybe they won’t notice us there.”
    “It will be so much fun,” said Midge. “I’m excited.”
   “We’ll ask Gabby if he knows when he gets here,” said Jake. “He probably knows all about it.”
   “Okay,” said Midge. 
    Midge couldn’t sit still while she waited for Gabby to arrive.  She paced back and forth on the porch and after about 4 times across the porch, she would stop and look at the trees.
   “ Midge, will you sit down,” said Jake.  “Pacing back and forth isn’t going to get Gabby here any quicker and you are making me nervous.”
   “I’m sorry Jake,” said Midge.  “I’m just so excited about the festival and can hardly sit still.  I will try.”
    Midge jumped up into the chair next to Jake and sat looking at the trees.  She sat for about two minutes and once again was pacing the porch. Back and forth, back and forth while Jake sat and watched her.  On the third pass by, he reached up and grabbed her by the collar and sat her down. 
    “Sit down Midge,” said Jake. 
    “Hey guy!” called Gabby as he swooped down from the tree top and landed on the porch railing.  “What are you two doing this morning?”
    “Gabby!  Gabby!” said Midge all excited.  “Tell me about the festival!”
    “Hi Midge,” said Gabby.  “Oh yes, the festival, it is coming to town tomorrow. They are setting up everything now.”
     “I’m so excited Gabby,” said Midge.
     “She wants to go to the festival,” said Jake.
     “Oh you can’t go to the festival Midge,” said Gabby. “It is for the humans only. You won’t be able to get in there.”
     “But we can sneak in Gabby, and they won’t know we are there,” said Midge.  “I’m sure there will be a place we can get in at.”
     “I don’t know,” said Gabby. 
     “Jake,” said Midge.  “You said we could try and sneak in so we can see what it is.”
     “I did,” said Jake.  “We can check it out when it comes.”
     “Okay,” said Midge.  “I will be here real early tomorrow and we can go check it out.
     “Now will you please sit down and be still for a while,” said Jake. 
     “Okay,” aid Midge.  “Do you want to go to the park and play with Snappy?”
      “Sure,” said Jake.  “Lets go.  Maybe it will keep your mind off the festival for a while.”
       The two started walking up the sidewalk toward the park with Gabby flying above them. 

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