Monday, August 1, 2011

Chachi is sad

     “Jake! Jake!” called Chachi as he slowly walked up the walkway to the porch.  “What are you doing today?”
      “Hi there Chachi,” greeted Jake.  “Why are you looking so sad this morning?  Are you okay?”
      “Not really,” answered Chachi.  “Can I sit here for a while with you?”
      “Sure Chachi,”  said Jake.  “You know you are always welcomed to come sit a while or come play with Midge and I.”
      “Thanks Jake,” said Chachi.
      “So, are you going to tell me what is bothering you?” asked Jake.  You look like you lost your best friend this morning.”

      “I was bad,” said Chachi.
      “You aren’t bad Chachi,” reasurred Jake.  “What did you do that was so bad?”
      “My master is mad at me today,” said Chachi. 
      “Why?” asked Jake.  “What did you do this time?”
      “This time?” asked Chachi.  “Why do you say this time?”
      “Because I think once a week you are in trouble for something you did,” said Jake.
      “I guess I am bad,” said Chachi.  “I didn’t realize I was in trouble at least once a week.”
      “Oh yes,” said Jake. “You really are.  So what did you do this time?”
      “Well, I dug up his mother’s tulip bulbs,” said Chachi. 
      “Why?” asked Jake.  “Why would you did up her tulips?”
      “I didn’t do it on purpose Jake,” aid Chachi.  “I buried my bones there before she planted tulips.  I was there first.”
      “I don’t think it works like that Chachi,” said Jake.
      “I know,” said Chachi.  “I will try to be better.  But I really wanted my bones.”
      “Start thinking about what you are going to do before you do it and ask yourself if your master would be okay with you doing it,” said Jake.  “Then decide if you really want to do it.”
       “Okay Jake,” said Chachi.  “I will do that. But I really want my bones.”
       "Get some new bones," said Jake.  "Doesn't your master give you bones all the time?"
       "Yes," said Chachi.   "He gives me a new bone every week."
       “You will be fine,” said Jake. “Cheer up now, it will be okay. Forget about those bones and put your new ones in a better place.  Put them in your dog house.  No one will bother them in there.”
       "Okay Jake," said Chachi.  "I will do that.  You are so smart Jake."

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