Thursday, August 18, 2011

Midge and Romance

   "Hello Jake," said Midge as she came skipping up the sidewalk to the front porch.  "Hello Jake.  Where are you Jake?"
   She leaped up the porch steps and found that Jake was no where.  She looked around the front yard and didn't see him anywhere.   She sat in front of the door and called to him again. "Jake, where are you?"
   "I'm right here," said Jake as he walked around the corner of the house.  "You are early this morning Midge."
   "I know," said Midge. "My mistress left to take her aunt to the airport, so I came down here to see you after she left."

  "Where is her aunt going?" asked Jake.  "Is she doing some more research for her books?"
   "Yes," said Midge.  "She is going somewhere in the mountains."
   "The mountains?" asked Jake.  "Where in the mountains is she going?"
   "I think I heard my mistress mention some place called Colorado," said Midge. 
   "Yeah, they ahve mountains there," said Jake.  "What kind of book is she writing this time?"
   "Well, Jake," said Midge.  "The only thing she writes are romance novels.  I don't like romance."
   "Why?" asked Jake.  "I thought romance was a good thing.  Did you always say that romance was so nice, two people in love."
   "It's good for people," said Midge.  "But us dogs don't need romance.  Do you like romance?"
   "I don't know," said Jake.  "I never did any romance stuff."
   "We are dogs," said Midge.  "We don't do romance."
   "We could do romance," said Jake.  "Why is it just a human thing?"
   "Do you know how to do the romance thing?" asked Midge.  "I don't know much about it."
   "I don't either," said Jake.  "I remember hearing my mistress tell her boyfriend that he was really romantic."
   "What was he doing?" asked Midge. 
   "Not much," said Jake.  "He just brought her some flowers when he came to the house to pick her up."
   "Maybe if you give someone flowers, that is being romantic," said Midge.
  "It might be," said Jake. "He always brings her flowers when he comes to pick her up for a date."
  "That doesn't seem like much,"  said Midge.  "Maybe this romantic thing isn't all that much."
  "Maybe," said Jake.  "After he gives her flowers, she kisses him."
  "Oh," said Midge. "Maybe it is the kiss that is romantic."
  "I don't know," said Jake.  "Why don't we forget this romance stuff and go find Booker-T and go to the park."
  "Okay Jake," said Midge.  "Maybe we can find Gabby and ask him about this romance stuff.  He always knows everything."
   Midge and Jake walked along the sidewalk to the park to find Booker-T. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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