Friday, August 26, 2011

Gabby and the Drought

  "Hey Midge!"  called Gabby.  "What are you doing?"
  "Hi Gabby," said Midge.  "I'm just laying here enjoying the rain falling.  Doesn't it look great Gabby?"
  "Yes," said Gabby.  "We sure have needed the rain.  The bird bath at the park has been dried up for long time."
   "I know," said Midge. "I heard my mistress telling someone that things were really getting bad and we were sure needing rain."
   "Yes we did," said Gabby.  "We have been in a drought and that isn't good."
   "A drought?" asked Midge.  "What is a drought?  I never heard that word before."

   "A drought is when we don't get rain and things get pretty dried out," said Gabby.  "Like my bird bath at the park. It is in a drought situation now.  No water in it."
   "But that thing dries out a lot if they don't run the sprinklers at the park," said Midge. 
  "I know," said Gabby.  "My bird bath experiences a drought all the time.  Especially in the winter time. They don't run the sprinklers in the winter."
   "That's tough, no water all winter," said Midge.  "How do you take a bath in the winter if they don't get water in your bird bath?"
   "I fly around town and search for other bird baths inj people's yards.  They usually fill them for us birds so I can find something."
  "Oh, that is good," said Midge.  "Do they keep them filled all winter too?"
  "No," said Gabby.  "If it is snowing, they don't put water in them.  I guess because the water freezes in the winter and then you can't take a bath in it."
  "Winter time must be hard for you," said Midge.  "You want to take a bath in my water dish?"
  "Oh no, Midge," said Gabby.  "That is your water to drink.  I can't take a bath in it."
  "I don't care," said Midge.  "It's okay.  You can take a bath in it.  I don't mind."
  "No," said Gabby.  "I won't do that."
  "But you drink the same water you take a bath in," said Midge. 
  "I know, but that is me," said Gabby.  "I won't bathe in your drinking water.  I will find some water and if I need to, I'll take a bath in the pond. There is still a little water in it right now."
  "Oh, yeah," said Midge. "I forgot about the pond.  Is low on water too isn't it?"
   "Yes," said Gabby. "And Snappy is sad.  He loves the water and spends a lot of time in it and it's almost gone. We needed rain for long time. This should help the pond."
   "He should be really happy about the rain falling now," said Midge. 
   "He is very happy," said Gabby.  "Want to go see him with me?"
   "I'm waiting on Jake," said Midge.  "He should be here soon.  When he gets here we will come to the park."
  "Okay Midge," said Gabby.  "I will see you there.  I'm going now to see Snappy."
  "We will be there later," said Midge.  "Bye Gabby."
   "See you at the park," said Gabby as he flew away.

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