Thursday, August 11, 2011

Susie and the Stars

   Susie was a small black poodle puppy. 'She was no bigger than a minute,' her mother would say.  She was fiesty and always up to something as she ran around the big back yard.  She loved to chase the butterflies and the squirrels as they came down from the trees to find something to eat.  Her mother would sit on the porch watching her pups as they ran and played.   Susie had two little brothers and a sister who liked to chase squirrels also.  Susie ran to her mother, "Momma!" said Susie.

   "What are you doing Susie?" asked Misty.
   "Is Midge coming today?" asked Susie. 
   "I don't know," said Misty.  "Why do you want to know if Midge is coming over?"
   "I like to hear her tell about all her adventures with Jake," said Susie. 
   "I don't know," said Misty.  "Now go play.  It will be time to go in for dinner soon."
   It wasn't long until her brothers and sister were in the yard with Susie, chasing whatever they could find.  A few hours passed and master Billy called to Misty.  "Misty! come on in and eat!" 
   Misty looked around the yard for her brood.  As she yelped for them, they all came running except Susie.  "Where is Susie?"
   "I don't know mother," said one of the puppies.
   "Susie! Susie!" called Misty. "It is getting dark. We have to find her."
   Everyone began to search the back yard inch by inch, looking for Susie.  They found nothing.  Misty became frantic that her pup was missing.  She began to cry until billy came running out the door. 
  "What is wrong Misty?" asked Billy patting her gently on her head.
   Misty whined and put her paw into his lap and looked up at him.  He glanced around and noticed that one of the pups was missing.  He then knew that Misty was looking for the other pup and didn't know where she was.
   "Come on Misty," said Billy.  "I want to show you something."
  Misty got up and followed Billy through the house to the front porch.  There lying on the big bench was Susie.  She was staring at the sky.
   "Susie!" scolded Misty. "Where have you been?"
   "What are those little lights in the sky, mother?" asked Susie.
   "Those are called stars," said Misty.  "They twinkle in the sky at night."
  "They are really pretty momma," said Susie.
  "Yes they are," said Misty.  "When you see the first star at night, you can make a wish on that star."
  "Can I make a wish?" asked Susie. "Can I momma?"
  "You will have to wait until tomorrow now," said Misty. "Tonight is too late now.  There are too many of them now.  Next time Susie, let me know where you are going when you leave that back yard."
  "I will momma.  I'm sorry,"  said Susie.  "I started watching the stars and forgot."
  Susie followed Misty into the back yard to join the other pups. 

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