Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Midge and the Circus

   "Jake!  Jake!" called Midge as she strolled around the corner and into the yard.  "Hey Jake! Where are you?"
   Jake lifted his head, "Hi Midge.  I'm here," said Jake.  "What are you all excited about this morning?"
   "What is a circus?" asked Midge. 
   "Why do you want to know what a circus is?" asked Jake.  " Are you going to join them?"
   "Very funny Jake," said Midge.  "Why would I want to join the circus?  I don't even know what a circus is."

   "A circus has lots of acts and animals," said Jake.
   "Acts?" asked Midge.  "What is an act?" 
   "Acts are things that people do in the circus," said Jake.  "Some acts they do with animals."
  "What kind of acts do they do?" asked Midge.  "You are so smart Jake."
  "They have horseback riding," said Jake.  "And elephants that do tricks."
  "Elephants do tricks?" asked Midge.  "What kind of tricks does an elephant do?"
  "They can stand on their front feet and lift their back ones," said Jake.  "And they stand on a little round stool."
   "I can do that Jake," said Midge.  "Why don't they use dogs instead of elephants?  We can do more than they do."
   "They use dogs in the circus too," said Jake. 
   "Think we could act in the circus?" asked Midge.
   "I don't want to join the circus Midge," said Jake.  "I don't like to travel all the time and being in the circus you would never get to be home."
   "You can't be at home?" asked Midge. "Why?"
  "Because the circus travels to all kinds of places to put on their show for people," said Jake. "You would be on the road traveling all the time.  You never see you home again."
   "I wouldn't like that Jake," said Midge.  "I don't want to join the circus and be on the road all the time. They will have to do their stuff without me."
  "That's good, but why all the questions about the circus?" asked Jake.
  "I saw the sign on the post near the house that a circus was coming to town next week," said Midge.  "I never saw a circus before so wanted to know what it was."
   "Oh okay, " said Jake.  "I thought maybe you were planning on leaving home to join he circus."
   "I might have," said Midge.  "But I don't want to travel on the road all the time, so I won't join it.  I want to stay home."
   "I'm glad you are staying home," said Midge.  "I would miss you if you left for the circus."
   "Thanks Jake," said Midge.  "I'm glad I am staying home too."

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