Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Midge Gets New Dog Food

   “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he walked up the sidewalk to the front porch, but Midge wasn’t on the porch enjoying the sunshine.  He went to the back yard to look for Midge back there,” Hey Midge!  Where are you?  Hello Midge!”
   “Hi Jake,” said Midge. "How are you this morning Jake?" 
   “What are you doing this morning?” asked Jake.  “Why are you laying back here?  You are usually on the front porch soaking up the sun.  Are you okay today?”
   “My mistress just fed me so I was back here to eat my breakfast,” signed Midge.  “But I don’t like what she gave me this morning.”
   “Why?” asked Jake.  “She usually gives you good stuff.  What is wrong with that food?”
   “Taste this stuff,” said Midge.  “The flavor is awful.”
   Jake went to the bowl and tasted the food in it.  “Oh! What is it?” asked Jake.  “I’ve never tasted that flavor either.”
   “It’s terrible Jake,” said Midge.  “I like the other flavor she gave me, but this one is really bad.  I can't eat it.  I tired soaking it in my water and eating it, but that doesn't help it.”
   “Will she know you don’t like it if you don’t eat it?” asked Jake.
   “Yes,” said Midge.  “When she tries new stuff, she knows I don’t like it when I don’t eat it, but she bought a big bag of it and she usually don't buy something different until it is gone.”
   “That’s not good if she won't get something else til the bag is gone,” said Jake. “But if you don’t eat it, she won’t give it to you again.”
   “But I’m hungry Jake,” said Midge.  “What do I do?  I want something to eat.  Will you help me get rid of this stuff so she will buy something better?”
   "But if you just get rid of it, she will think you are eating it and buy some more," said Jake.  "That won't work.  She has to know that you don't like the food."
   "Oh Jake," said Midge. "You are right. I didn't think of that.  Oh dear, what am I going to do?  I'm so hungry and that food is too hard to even choke down."
   “I still have food in my bowl from this morning,” said Jake. “I will share it with you if you want some.  Maybe you can share my food until she gets something better and just leave your food in the bowl for her to throw away.”
   “Thank you Jake,” said Midge as she got up to go with Jake to  his house.  "You are such a good friend.  "Won't you get hungry if you don't eat all your food every day?"
   "It's okay Midge," said Jake.  "I will share with you.  I don't think your mistress will let you go very long without food." 
   The two walked to Jake's house where Midge shared his food,  "I'm so glad to have a good friend like you Jake."
   "I am glad we are friends, Midge," said Jake. 

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