Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out of the Shadows

   Billy was a tiny black and white goat who like to run and jump on things he could find around the field near the barn.  Whe he wasn't running and jumping, he was trying to butt head with the baby pigs.  At times he would try to jump onto the back of one of the pigs, but the pig was too small to hold his weight and he would slide off.
   "Billy, you are so mean," said Dixie, the little pink pig.
   "I'm just having fun with you," said Billy laughing at Dixie.
   "But you are so mean when you jump on my back," said Dixie. "You are bigger than I am."
   "You don't like me to play with you?" asked Billy. 
   "No, not that way," said Dixie.
   Billy lowered his head and sadly walked away to the other side of the barn.  He felt so bad that his friend Dixie thought he was mean.  He didn't want Dixie to be mad at him. He liked her.  She was the only one would play with him. All the other little pigs would poke him with their noses and get mad at him.  He lay down  in the corner and took a nap for a while.  He flet alone without his friend Dixie to play with. 
    After a couple of hours, he awoke to find he was all alone in the field by the barn.  He looked around the aream but saw no one. "Boy, they must really be mad at me today," thought Billy.
   "Hello, everyone!"  Where are you?" called Billy as he walked around the field. 
   There wasn't a sound from anywhere.  Billy felt so bad and so alone. 
  "Hello!  Where is everyone?" called Billy again.  "I promise if you will come back, I won't be mean any more.  Please come back everyone."
   But still he heard no one.  he slowly crossed the field to the water trough to get a drink of water. Suddenly from out of the shadows of the barn, jumped the little pigs.  They leaped on Billy and rolled him to the ground.  Dixie jumped on top of Billy's back.  He was shaking when he finally pulled himself to his feet. 
   "Why did you do that?" asked Billy.
   "How did it feel, Billy?" asked Dixie.
   "I didn't like it," said Billy.  "You all scared me and and it hurt when you landed on my back."
   "Now you know how we feel when you jump on our backs," said Dixie. 
   "Gee, I didn't realize.  I am sorry Dixie," said Billy.  "I promise I won't do that again.  Will you please forgive me?"
  "I will, but you have to be nicer when we play," said Dixie.
  Billy made a promise to Dixie and from then on he was more considerate of his playmates.

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