Saturday, August 27, 2011

Midge and the Beach

   "Hello Jake!" sang Midge as she strolled through the gate to the front yard.  "Hello Jake!  What are you doing.  Howdy howdy.  I'm here."
   "Hi Midge," said Jake as he sat up.  "What are you up to this morning that has you all cheery and singing?"
   "I am feeling good this morning Jake," sang Midge.  "It's a wonderful day today. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and I am happy, happy, happy."
   "I'm glad you are happy," said Jake.  "Why are you so happy this morning?"

   "I'm going to the beach tomorrow," said Midge.  "I love to go swimming and we are going to the beach."
   "That's nice," said Jake.  "How do you know you are going to the beach tomorrow?"
   "I was in the house and heard my mistress talking to someone on the phone about going to the beach," said Midge.  "I'm going to the beach Jake.  I'm going to the beach."
   "But how do you know that you are going?" asked Jake.  "Hasn't your mistress gone to the beach with her sister and you stayed home?"
   "Yes, I guess she has," said Midge.  "Oh, I remember.  She went to the beach two weeks ago and I stayed home." 
   "So how do you know you are going to the beach?" asked Jake.  "I mean, it is okay if you get to go to the beach, but are you really sure that you are going this time?"
    "I don't know Jake," answered Midge.  "I guess you are right.  How sad.  I was all ready to go to the beach and now I might not be going."
    "It's okay Midge," said Jake. "We can go to the part and play in the pond if you don't go to the beach."
    "I wanted to see the beach Jake," said Midge.  "Why don't she take me to the beach?"
    "I don't know Midge," said Jake.  "Maybe where she goes, they don't allow dogs on he beach."
    "Why?" asked Midge.  "Dogs are good."
    "I know that, but a lot of people don't think so," said Jake. "So part of the beach might be off limits to dogs."
    "How sad," said Midge.  "I was so happy to be going to the beach and now I might not be going."
    "Sorry Midge," said Jake.  "I hope you get to go.  I just don't want you to get your hopes up and then have them crushed when you don't get to go." 
    "I guess you are right," said Midge as she climbed into the chair and laid down.  "I should wait til I know for sure to get all excited."
    "Yes, " said Jake.  "If you don't get to go along, you can go to the park and play in the pond with me and Snappy.
    "Thanks Jake," said Midge. 

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