Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Booker-T and the Wagon

   “Hi Jake,” said Midge as she climbed the steps to the front porch where Jake was sitting in the lounge chair.
   “Hi Midge,” said Jake.  “Where is Booker-T?  I thought he was coming with you this morning.”
   “I thought so too,” said Midge.  “I went over to the house looking for him and when I walked up the sidewalk to the house, I saw him going down the street with a little girl.”
   “He was going for a walk with her?” asked Jake.

   “No,” said Midge.  “She was pulling him in a wagon.”
   “Booker-T was too lazy to walk?” asked Jake.  “And who is the little girl he was with?”
   “I think she is the niece of his mistress,” said Midge.  “She was pulling him around in the wagon.  And Jake, you won’t believe what else I saw.”
   “What?” asked Jake.
    “Booker-T was wearing a hat and sweater,” laughed Midge.
    “She dressed him up?” asked Jake.
    “Sure did,” said Midge.  “And Booker-T looked so funny in that hat.”
    “Did he see you?” asked Jake. 
    “No, he doesn’t know that I saw him,” said Midge. “He would never be able to face me if he thought I saw him.  You know how Booker-T is.  He would be so embarrassed.”
    “That’s right,” said Jake.  “We can’t tell him what you saw.”
     Midge and Jake were so busy discussing Booker-T riding in the wagon dressed up that they didn't see him coming up the sidewalk. 
    “What did you see?” asked Booker-T as he strolled up the steps to the porch.
    “You were so funny in the hat,” laughed Midge.
    "Midge!"  said Jake.  "I thought you weren't going to say anything about it?"
    "I can't help it Jake," laughed Midge.  "Booker-T,  I saw that little girl pulling you in the wagon with your hat and sweater on."
    “You saw me?” asked Booker-T.
    “I’m sorry,” said Midge.  “Yes I did.”
    “Wasn’t I cute,” said Booker-T. 
    "You were okay with wearing the hat and sweater?" asked Jake.
    "Oh sure," said Booker-T.  "Little Amy is a cute little girl.  She lives next door and comes to the house to pet me and she brings me little treats.  She is my little human friend.  Her mom won't let her have any pets so she likes to come and see me."
    "Why did she have you dressed in a hat and sweater?" asked Jake.
    "She likes to pretend that I'm her baby so she dresses me in the sweater and the hat and likes to pull me in the wagon," said Booker-T.  
     "Boy you have changed?" said Midge.
    "Why do you say that?" asked Booker-T.  "I'm still Booker-T."
    "A year ago you would never have been sitting in a wagon with a hat on," said Jake.
    "This is true," said Booker-T.  "I've changed some since I met Amy.  She is so nice to me so I'm okay with her dressing me.  I'm happy when she takes it off and I'm just a cat again."
    "That is great Booker-T," said Midge.  "I'm happy you found a nice human friend."
    "Yes," said Booker-T.  "Sometimes she will pull Gypsy and I both in the wagon and she pretends she has two kids. Gypsy is so cute in the little pink cap."
    "You are incredible," said Midge.
    "I know," said Booker-T.  "I'm Mr. Wonderful and so cute too, don't you think?"
    "All right Booker-T," said Jake.  "Lets go to the park."
   The three laughed and started walking along the sidewalk on their way to the park. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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