Monday, August 29, 2011

Booker-T's New Friend

  "Hey Snappy!  Where are you?" called Jake as he and Midge approached the pond in the middle of the park.    "Hello Snappy."
  "I don't see him," said Midge.  "He never goes too far from here."
  "Hey Snappy!  Are you here somewhere?" called Jake again.
  "Hi Jake," said Snappy as he came swimming to the shore from the other side of the pond.  "Hi Midge."
  "Where were you?" asked Jake.
  "I was at the other end of the pond sleeping on the rock over there," said Snappy.  "That rock is in the shade and it was sure feeling good resting there and I fell asleep."
   "Ok," said Midge.   "Have you seem Gabby and Booker-T today?"
   "No, they haven't been here," said Snappy.  
   "How would you know if you were asleep?" asked Midge. 
   "You know Gabby," said Snappy.  "If he had been here, he would never let me sleep."
   "That's true," said Jake.  "Gabby would have flown down and made you wake up."
   "Here comes Booker-T over there Jake," said Snappy. "He's got a friend with him this morning."
   "Hey Booker-T," said Jake.  "Who's your little friend?"
   "Hi Jake," said Booker-T.  "Hi Midge, Snappy.  This is Gypsy.  She moved in the house next door to me yesterday so she said she would come to the park today with me."
   "Hi Gypsy," said Midge.  "I remember someone moving in but didn't see you."
   "I know..they got moved into the house before letting me out of the crate they had me in," said Gypsy.  "I saw Booker-T in the backyard when they let me outside last night."
   "Well, it is good to have you come along with Booker-T this morning," said Jake.  "We were all coming to the park to play in the sandbox and to swim.  "Booker-T doens't do much swimming but he likes to play in the sandbox."
   "I'm happy to join you," said Gypsy.  "Booker-T told me about you two."
  "Booker-T talked about us?" asked Midge.
  "Oh yes and he talked very well of you," said Gypsy.  "He said you were so wonderful at helping him find a nice home so he wouldn't be homeless.  That is so nice of you."
   "Booker-T has been a good friend and we worried about him out there on the street," said Jake.  "Midge wasn't going to give up until he had a good home."
  "It's nice to meet you all and am glad we will be friends," said Gypsy. 
  "Here comes Gabby," said Jake.
  "Hey guys..come on.. Lets go play," called Gabby as he flew in and landed on a rock next to Jake. 
  "Meet Gypsy," said Booker-T.  "She moved in next door to me."
  "Hi Gypsy," said Gabby.  "Welcome to our circle of friends."
  "Thank you," said Gypsy.  "Booker-T told me all about all of you.  Thank you for including me."
  "We all enjoy making new friends," said Midge.   "Anyone who wants to be friends is welcome."
   "I never had so many friends at one time before," said Gypsy.  "This is nice."
   "We are glad Booker-T invited you to come along this morning," said Jake.
   "Are we going to play?" asked Gabby.
   "All right," said Booker-T.  "Lets go play."

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