Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Different

   Ginny was a long-haired sheep dog. She loved to run and play with Buster who was a large boxer. They could always be seen running and playing together in the large field behind the warehouses at the end of the street where Buster lived.  They would chase after the rabbits and squirrels.  One day, while they were playing, a big gray and white cat casually strolled into the field.
   “Hi there,” he said to Buster and Ginny.
   “What do you want?” asked  Buster.
   “My name is Simon,” said the cat.  “Can I play with you? You look like you are having a lot of fun.”
   “What?” asked Ginny.  “We play with you? Why would we want to play with you?”
   “Why not?” asked Simon. “I would like to play with you.”
   Ginny and Buster looked at each other and thought for a moment.  They both started laughing at Simon.
   “We don’t play with cats,” said Buster.  “We are dogs.”
   Simon stared with a frown and said, “You two are prejudiced.”
   “What!  Us!  Prejudiced!” shouted Ginny.  “You are crazy.  We aren’t prejudiced at all.”
   “Yes you are,” said Simon.  “You won’t let me play with you because I am different than you are.  That is being prejudiced.  I want to play with you and I don’t care that you are different.”
   Ginny and Buster looked at each other and Ginny said, “Are we Prejudiced Buster?”
   “I didn’t think we were,” said Buster.  “But if Simon says we are because we won’t play with him, I guess we are.”
   “Oh Buster,” said Ginny.  “We never let cats play with us.  Oh no Buster, we are prejudiced.  I didn’t know we were.”
   “I don’t want to be prejudiced Ginny,” said Buster.  “Jake always tried to teach us that we should all be friends.  I guess we never really listened to him.”
    “Maybe cats aren’t that bad,” said Ginny.  “You know, Midge and Jake always play with Booker-T and he is a cat too and they are dogs.  I guess if they can do it, we can.”
   Simon had slowly turned and was walking away from them to go find someone else to play with.
   “Simon,” called Buster.
   “What?” asked Simon as he stopped and turned to face the two dogs.
    “We are sorry,” said Ginny.  “We didn’t realize that we were being prejudiced because you are different.   We are sorry that we hurt your feelings.”
    “We don’t want to be that way to anyone,” said Buster.  “We feel that everyone is the same really.  Will you forgive us for being so stupid and come play with us?”
    “Oh yes,” smiled Simon.  “I would love to play with you.”
    “My name is Ginny,” said Ginny.  “And this is Buster.  Come on Simon, lets go play.”

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