Wednesday, July 27, 2011


    Bimbie was a tiny white puppy who loved to sit and tease Charlie, the green parrot, but she didn’t like it so much when Charlie laughed and teased her.  Charlie would sit on his perch and call to Bimbie and the laugh at her.
   “Bimbie! Bimbie!” called Charlie.  “Ha ha ha.  Bimbie looks funny!”
   “Shut up Charlie,” said Bimbie.  “You are all the time talking.  You are all the time bothering me.”

   “Bimbie is funny puppy,” laughed Charlie.  “Bimbie is funny puppy.”
   “You better leave me alone Charlie,” said Bimbie.  “I will push you off your perch if you don’t leave me alone.”
   “But it is so much fun teasing you Bimbie,” said Charlie.  “You get so mad.”
   “You better stop,” said Bimbie.  “Yes you make me so mad.”
   “You teased me first,” said Charlie.  “Charlie can do magic too.”
   “Sure you can,” laughed Bimbie.  “What can you do?”
   “Charlie can make you disappear,” laughed Charlie.  “Do you want to see me make you disappear?”
   Bimbie rolled on the floor with laughter.  “No you can’t,” said Bimbie.  “You don’t know how to make me disappear.  You are just teasing me again.”
   “I sure can make you disappear,” said Charlie.  “Do you want to see me do it?”
   “Well, lets see you do it,” said Bimbie.  “I don’t think you can do it.”
   Charlie opened the door to his cage and nipped Bimbie on the tail. She leaped up and ran behind the sofa where Charlie couldn’t see her.
   “See, you disappeared,” said Charlie.  “I can no longer see you.  Poof you are gone.”
   Bimbie peaked out from behind the sofa.  “Very funny Charlie.  I didn’t disappear. I just ran and hid.”
   “Ha ha ha,” laughed Charlie. “You didn’t ask me how you would disappear.”
   Suddenly Charlie fell off his perch when Bimbie hit him with a bone.
   “Ha ha ha Charlie,” laughed Bimbie.  “See my magic.  Charlie falls off perch.”
   The two sat there laughing at their magic. 

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