Saturday, July 30, 2011

Better Dog Houses

    “Susie! Susie!” called Tiger as he strutted through the fence gate.  “Where are you?”
   Susie burst through the pet door on the back of the house, “What is it Tiger?”
   “Come on, lets go to the pond,” said Tiger.  “Come on, come on.”
    “What for?” asked Susie.  “Why all the excitement?”
    “Butch has gathered all the animals on the block to a meeting,” says Tiger.  “He wants us to be there also.”
    “What is it this time?” asked Susie.  “Last time he was trying to gang up on the humans to get more bones for supper. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”

    “Come on Susie,” said Tiger.  “Lets just go humor him.  He gets a big kick out of playing politics like his master.”
    “What does his master do?” asked Susie. “I didn’t know he had something to do with politics.”
    “I think I heard he was on the city council,” said Tiger.  “Butch thinks he is a big shot too.”
    Susie and Tiger were cats so they didn’t know why Butch wanted them at the meeting of the dogs.  They walked together along the sidewalk to the local park where they found everyone at the tiny pond beneath the trees.  Snappy was sitting at the water’s edge listening to Butch talk to everyone.  From the other side of the pond, they saw Midge and Jake approaching the group.  Other dogs and cats were joining the group. 
    “Butch!” called Susie as she joined them.  “What are you doing now?”
    “We need to meet to decide how to get our masters to fix up our dog houses for better living conditions.”
    “But we cats don’t live in dog houses,” said Tiger.  “Why do you want us at your meeting? What can we do to help you get your dog houses fixed?”
     “Wouldn’t you like to have a nice one with heat for winter and air for summer?” asked Bowser.”
    “No,” said Susie.  “I like sleeping in the house on Billy’s bed.  It is nice and cozy in there.  I don’t want a dog house with heat and air. It would be lonely sleeping out there in the dark all by myself.”
    “Me too,” said Tiger.  “I like sleeping in the house.  I don’t want a lonely dark dog house to sleep in.”
    “You and your crazy politics,” said Susie.  “When are you going to learn Butch, that it doesn’t work for us animals like it does for the humans?”
    “We can’t help you with your human problem,” said Tiger.  “You have to deal with him on your own and I don’t know how you make a human know what you want them to do.  Come on Susie, lets go home and have some fun.”
     “I want to go home and have my master toss the ball for me to chase,” said Socko.  “I have a really nice dog house but I like sleeping on my master’s bed too.  He lets me curl up on the end of his bed and it’s nice and warm and soft.”
     “You are on your won Butch,” said Tiger as he and Susie started to walk away, leaving him surprised that they didn’t want to listen to him this time.
     I guess my days of politics are over,’ thought Butch as he slowly walked toward home with his head hung low.
     “Hey Butch,” called Jake.  “It’s okay.  You meant well but there is a lot of things we can’t do.  We understand each other, but there isn’t a way for us to tell the humans how we feel.  They don’t understand our language.”
     “Thanks Jake,” said Butch.  “I guess I better leave the politics to my master.”
     “That’s a good idea,” agreed Jake.  “Midge and I will see you tomorrow.  Do you want to go play at the park tomorrow?”
     “That would be fun,” said Butch as he left the park. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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