Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jessie’s Endings

   Jessie was a cute little schnauzer puppy.  He was running after a bright red ball that his master, Billy was throwing for him.  He was running and jumping, so full of energy.
   “Billy!” called a soft female voice.  “Billy!  Come on in here and eat your lunch.”
   “I have to go in the house now,” said Billy.  “I will come back out and play with you when I finish my lunch.”
   Jessie sat and tipped his head to the side as he listened to Billy talk to him.  He looked sad as Billy entered the house.  Jessie climbed the back steps and lay down on the porch waiting for his little friend to return to play some more ball with him.

   “Jessie!” called a gruff voice from the side of the house.
   Jessie jumped up and ran to the corner of the house to see who that was.  It was Spike, the large brown boxer who lived next door to Jake. 
   “Hi Spike,” said Jessie. “What are you doing?”
   “Do you want to come play with me at the park?” asked Spike.  “My master, Mikey, went to town with his mother so I don’t have anyone to play with.”
   “Sure we can play, but we need to play in the back yard,” said Jessie. “Billy went in to eat lunch, but he will be back soon.”
    He turned to walk to the back yard and suddenly Spike burst out laughing.  Jessie turned to see Spike rolling on the ground with his feet in the air and laughing so hard.
   “What are you laughing at Spike?” asked Jessie. 
   “I’m laughing at your endings,” laughed Spike.  “Ha ha ha… they are so funny.”
   “My endings?” asked Jessie. “What are you talking about?”
   “Your endings,” said Spike. “You look so funny with the bright red leaf hanging from your endings.”
   Jessie turned himself around and tired to find the leaf that was making Spike laugh so loudly.  Stuck to his backside, he found a large red leaf.  He grabbed it with his teeth and pulled it off. 
   “That is my backside,” said Jessie.
   “It’s the part that goes through the fence last,” said Spike. “So it’s your endings.”
   “Spike, you are so crazy,” laughed Jessie.  “I have never heard of it called that before.”
   “I heard Mikey’s father use it that way,” said Spike. “Pretty funny, huh?”
   “Come on Spike,” said Jessie.  “Lets go play before Billie comes out.  You can stay and play ball with us if you want to. I don’t think Billie would mind playing with both of us.”
   “Okay,” said Spike as he followed Jessie to the back yard. "I would like to play with you and Billy.  Will he throw the ball for me too?"
   "Sure," said Jessie.  "Billy likes to play ball."

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