Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trip to the Mountains

   Tippy and Kiki decided one morning to wander off on their own little adventure.  They had gotten bored with what they were doing in the yard and wanted to find something more exciting to do.  Tippy wanted to know what was out beyond the big wooden fence that surrounded the yard. 
   “KiKi,” said Tippy.  “Why don’t we go out and find something exciting to do out there.”
   “What did you have in mind?” asked KiKi.
   “Show me the mountains,” said Tippy.  “I heard Jimmy’s mother and dad talking about them. I really want to see them.”

   “They are so big Tippy,” said KiKi.  “We could get lost up there or fall off a cliff.  Are you sure you want to go to the mountains?”
    “I sure do,” said KiKi. “I will be careful.  I really want to see them.”
   KiKi and Tippy slipped through a small hole under the fence and sauntered up the road.  Cars were speeding by and Tippy seemed really nervous as they passed.
   “Come on Tippy, lets walk over here away from the side of the road,” said KiKi.
   Tippy was glad at the move.  He sure was frightened by those big shiny objects as they raced by.  Along the way, they ran into Zelda, the black cat from the street over from where Tippy lived.
    “Where are you going, Tippy?” asked Zelda.
    “KiKi and I are going to the mountains,” answered Tippy.  “Do you want to come along?”
   “Oh, no,” said Zelda. “I have been up there and it is too high up there for me.” 
   “You have already been up there?” asked Tippy.
   “Sure,” said Zelda.  “I went up with my mistress.  I almost fell off the edge.  If she hadn’t grabbed me when she did, I would have fallen off the mountain.  I don’t ever want to go there again.  You two be real careful up there.”
   KiKi and Tippy said good-bye and again set out for the mountains.  They walked for about an hour when up ahead, Tippy could see the large peaks of the mountains high above the rooftops.  They looked splendid with their white snowcaps. The closer they got to the mountains, the higher they seemed to rise. They finally reached the base of the mountains and stood looking up and they could no longer see the top.
   “Do you want to go up?” asked KiKi.
   “I don’t think so. They sure are high,” said Tippy.  “I think we should stay here at the bottom.  I didn’t know they were so big.  I just want to go back home now.”
   “Are you sure?” asked KiKi.  “You really wanted to see the mountains.”
   “Oh, yes,” said Tippy.  “I see them from here and I think it is time to go home now.”
   Tippy had seen the mountains he had heard so much about.  They were so big to him and he was satisfied to just look at them now.  He decided that climbing that far up would be too hard and take too long.  He was ready to go back home. 

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