Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skipper and Pepper

   “Pepper!” shouted Skipper.  “Where are you?”
    Pepper didn’t answer as he was crouched down behind the bush near the garage.
   “Pepper!  Hey Pepper!” shouted Skipper again as he raised his voice a little louder.  “Get your four little legs over here!”
   “What do you want?” asked Pepper as he came walking out from behind the bushes.
   “Why are you hiding back there?” asked Skipper.
   “Because you are mean to me,” said Pepper.
   “Where are the chew boned you had?” asked Skipper.  “You need to bring them here to me.”

    “What do I look like Skipper?” asked Pepper.  “Your slave?”
    “Come on Pepper,” said Skipper. “I’m your elder and you have to obey me.”
    Pepper tried to run around the house away from Skipper, but the rope jerked him off his feet when he ran too far.  “Get this rope off me!” shouted Pepper.  “This is not nice, don’t you know.”
   Skipper was rolling on the ground laughing at Pepper with his feet high in the air as he lay sprawled out on his back.
    “Skipper!” shouted Midge as she and Jake approached the back yard.  “What are you  doing to your brother?”
    “Hi Midge,” said Skipper. “I was just playing with him.”
    “No you weren’t Skipper,” said Jake.  “You were hurting him.  He’s your little brother and you should be taking care of him, not tying him up.  Give me the rope.”
    Jake grabbed the rope and took it off Pepper’s neck.  “Thank you Jake,” said Pepper.  “I’m glad you and Midge came over.”
    “Your mother would not like it if you tied up your brother with the rope.  You could choke him to death that way,” said Midge. “And Jake and I don’t like it.  You aren’t playing nice.”
   “I’m sorry Midge,” said Skipper.  "I didn't think about it choking him."
  “You should be,” said Jake. “Now apologize to Pepper.”
   “I’m sorry Pepper,” said Skipper.  “I love you. I was only playing with you, but I didn't know the rope could hurt you.  I don't want to do that.”
   “No you aren’t sorry,” said Pepper. “When Midge and Jake leave you will be mean to me again.”
   “Skipper,” said Jake. “It’s time for you two to get along and stop being mean to your little brother.  One day you are doing to need him and he won’t be there for you.”
    “He’s always ordering me around like his slave or something,” said Pepper.
    “Skipper, you need to start being a big brother instead of a bully,” said Midge.
    “Okay, Midge,” said Skipper.
    “I never want to see you treat Pepper that way again,” said Jake.
    “Thank you Midge,” said Pepper.  “And thank you Jake.”
    “I’m glad we could help you,” said Jake.  “You two are brothers and you should be friends too.”
    “You are right Jake,” said Skipper.  “I know you are. I will try.”
    “Okay,” said Midge.  “Come on and lets all go to the park to play.”
    The four of them ran up the sidewalk and at the light, they crossed the street and into the park to play. 

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