Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mitzie and the Squirrel

   Mitzie was asleep on the back porch swing in the warm morning sun.  The birds sang their pretty songs high above her in the trees and a small brown squirrel scampered around the back yard gathering nuts and burying them under the big oak tree by the fence.  Mitzie heard a noise as the squirrel ran across the porch dropping a nut as he passed under the swing.  Mitzie raised her head as the squirrel jumped from the porch and ran to the tree. 
   Mitzie leaped up from the swing and darted across the yard after the squirrel. The little squirrel quickly ran up the tree and sat on the lower branch looking down at Mitzie. 

   “What are you doing in my back yard?” asked Mitzie as she stood up on her hind legs placing her front paws on the tree. "Are you doing something fun?"
   “Are you talking to me?” asked the squirrel.
   “Yes,” said Mitzie.  “What is your name and what are you doing here?”
   “My name is Rusty,” said the little squirrel. "You have nice trees with lots of nuts."
   “My name is Mitzie.  What are you doing?” asked Mitzie.
   “I’m gathering the nuts for the winter,” said Rusty. “I don’t have people to feed me like you do.  I have to find my own food and in winter it is harder to find.”
   “Oh!” said Mitzie.  “Would you like to play with me?  I don’t have anyone to play with and I’m lonely.  I will share my food with you.”
   “You want to play with me?” asked Rusty.
   “You don’t want to play?” asked Mitzie.
   “I can’t believe I’m having this conversation,” said Rusty as he hesitated about coming down.
   “Why?” asked Mitzie.  “I see you and I hear you talking so you must be having this conversation with me.”
   “I know but you are a dog,” said Rusty.  “You don’t want to chase me?”
   “No,” said Mitzie.  “I want to be friends.  Do you know Jake and Midge?”
   “Oh sure,” said Rusty.  “They are my friends.  Do you know them?”
   “Yes, they are my friends too,” said Mitzie.  “They taught me to love everyone and that we are all equal.  If you know Jake and Midge, why are you surprised that I'm a dog and want to play.  Midge and Jake are dogs.  Do you play with them?”
   “Some dogs and cats aren't as nice as Jake and Midge.  I have to be careful or one of the dogs who aren't as nice will chase me.  I had to be careful,” said Rusty. “Sure, I would like to play with you.”
   "Okay," said Mitzie.  "You will be safe in my backyard.  I won't let any of the not so nice dogs bother you."
   "Thank you," said Rusty.
   Rusty came down from the tree branch and he and Mitzie played together that afternoon and became good friends. 

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