Thursday, July 7, 2011

Andy and the Frog

    Andy waddled out onto the back porch into the glistening sunlight of the early morning. Andy’s little brothers and sisters were all asleep snuggled closed to their mother just inside the back door.  Andy liked to investigate his great big new world outside.  He had been checking everything out in the back yard.  He didn’t want to miss a thing.  As the birds sang high above in the trees, he sat tilting his head from one side to the other trying to figure them out.

  Their songs were pretty,’ thought Andy.  But what were they who made the pretty songs.’
  He leaped off the porch and ran across the yard as fast as his little legs would go when he saw something move.  He yelped at a frog who was sitting on a rock near the fence.
   “Hi!” shouted Andy at the little frog.  But the little frog just ignored him and went on croaking out his deep song as he watched for flies.
   “Ribbit, ribbit,” said Andy sticking out his tongue.
   The little frog laughed.  “You aren’t a frog and you don’t eat flies.”
   “I might,” said Andy.
   “Oh, the innocence of babies,” said the frog.  “You are just a puppy, don’t you know.”
   “A puppy?” asked Andy.
   “Yes.  You bark and eat meat and dog food,” said the frog.  “And occasionally you chase a cat or two.”
    “Oh!” said Andy.  “But I want to catch flies like you are doing.  It looks like fun.”
    “It would be hard work for you,” said the frog.  “I have a special tongue that helps me catch the flies.  You have a different kind of tongue.”
    “Do you want to play with me?” asked Andy. 
    “You want to play with me?” asked the frog.  “I’m just a little frog.”
    “Does that mean you don’t want to play with me?” asked Andy.  “I like to play.”
    “What do you want to play?” asked the frog.  “What is your name puppy?”
    “My name is Andy,” he said.  “Do you have a name too?”
    “Oh yes I do,” said the frog.  “My name is Billy.”
    “I like that name,” said Andy. “One of my brothers is named Billy.  Do you like my name?”
    “Oh yes,” said Billy.  “Andy is a good name for a puppy.”
    “Can we be friends Billy?” asked Andy.  “I like you.”
    “Okay,” said Billy.  “I like you too.  I never met a puppy before.”
    "I never met a frog," laughed Andy.  "Do you sit here all the time?"
    "Oh yes," said Billy. "This is a good place to catch flies."
    "Do you know Jake and Midge?" asked Andy.
    "No, are they your friends?" asked Billy.  "I never heard of them."
    "I don't know them either," said Andy.  "My mom is friends with them but I haven't met them yet."
    "Who are they?" asked Billy.  "Do they like to play too?"
    "I think so,"  said Andy.  "My mom said she used to go to the park and play with them."
    "She doesn't go anymore?" asked Billy.
    "She had my brothers and sisters and me," said Andy.  "So she isn't going right now. She said she would go play again when we grow up."
    "Oh," said Billy.
    "Come on," said Andy.  "I want to play."
    The two became friends and every morning Billy would be on the rock waiting for Andy to come out to play.

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