Friday, July 22, 2011

The Neighborhood Bully

    Chachi used to be a big bully when he moved into the neighborhood up the street from Jake.  Then one day, Midge put up with him for the last time.  She went to Jake and asked him for his help to put a stop to Chachi and his bullying. 
     “Jake,” called Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch. 
     “Hey Midge,” said Jake.  “What brings you over here this late in the day?”
     “You know Chachi, right?” asked Midge.

     “Yes, sure I know him,” said Jake.  “He just lives up the street from me. I see him around now and then.  But we really haven’t played together yet.”
     “Well, Jake, I am tired of his being a big bully,” said Midge.  “I want to teach him a lesson once and for all.  Will you help me?”
    “I will see what I can do,” said Jake.  “We don’t need a bully in the neighborhood picking on everyone.  He needs to learn to get along with all of us.”
     “Thanks Jake,” said Midge.  “He has been constantly nipping at the heels of Susie and you know how scared she gets when a big dog is chasing her.  She was so scared when she came over to see me last night.  Chachi was chasing her again.  He called us names and barked at us all the way to her house.”
    “Come on Midge, lets go see Chachi right now,” said Jake.
    The two trotted off to Chachi’s house.  They hurried along the sidewalk.  They marched right up the steps to the house and yelled for Chachi to come outside. 
    “Chachi!” screamed Jake.
    Chachi didn’t answer so Jake screamed his name again, “Chachi! You best come out here Chachi. We want to talk to you.”
     Chachi slowly poked his head out the doggie door and stepped out onto the porch.  What do you want?” he snapped at them.
    “You can come change that attitude around here real quick,” said Jake.  “We are all friends around here and we like a pleasant neighborhood to live and play in.  Cats and dogs alike get along here.  We all enjoy playing together and we have lots of fun.  We would like you to join us, but not with that attitude you have.”
   “And who do you think you are?” asked Chachi. “I might not want to be friends with you.”
    “I am the one who tries to make sure the peace is kept around here,” said Jake as he stepped toward Chachi.  “If you won’t change the attitude, we can run you out of this neighborhood. We all stick together here.  So you are either with us or you are alone against us all.  Which do you prefer Chachi?”
    Chachi thought about it for a few minutes and as he stared at Jake, more and more dogs and cats started to gather outside along the sidewalk. Big ones and little ones were all united together to take a stand against this bully.  He slowly backed up from Jake and decided that being a bully wasn’t going to get him anywhere in this neighborhood. 
    “I’d like to be friends if I can,” said Chachi.
    “We’d like that too,” said Jake. “Now lets all be friends and no more of the bullying others.  It isn’t welcome in this neighborhood and we will run you out of here if you do it again.”
    They all became friends after that evening and Chachi found out that they could all be friends and and enjoyed their friendships. 

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