Thursday, July 14, 2011


     Sissy was walking through the garden with her head high.  Near the garden pond sat Pepper.  He was a large muscular looking cat.  Sissy strolled slowly up to the pond and then sat beside Pepper who was swishing his paw around in the pond.
   “What are you doing?” asked Sissy.
   “What does it look like I’m doing?” asked Pepper.

   “I thought we were going to take a walk in the garden together today?” asked Sissy. 
   “I’m fishing, Sissy,” snapped Pepper.  “I don’t have time to take a walk with you.  Why don’t you just take that walk by yourself and let me get back to my fishing.”
   “But you promised me that you would go for the walk with me,” said Sissy. 
   “When did I promise you such a thing?” asked Pepper.  “I don’t remember making any promises like that.  Why don’t you go walk with Midge and Jake.”
    “Midge and Jake didn’t come over today,” said Sissy.  “You promised me you would go with me if Midge and Jake didn’t come over. They didn't come over so now I want to take that walk with you.  Come on Pepper, it isn't going to take that long and you can fish when we get back.  You promised!”
    “Promises, promises,” said Pepper. “They don’t mean a thing Sissy.  Now let me get back to my fishing.”
    “Promises do mean something, Pepper,” said Sissy. “You should always keep the promises you make to someone.”
    “What for?” asked Pepper.  “I really didn’t want to go for any walk today.”
    “Then why did you make the promise to me that you would go?” asked Sissy. 
    “I guess to get you to quit asking me,” said Pepper.
    “Pepper, you should never promise something that you don’t intent to keep,” said Sissy. “That isn’t very nice.  When you make a promise to do something for someone, you should be willing to follow through with that promise.”
    “What for?” asked Pepper.
    “I thought we were friends, Pepper,” said Sissy.
    “We are,” said Pepper.  “Now let me get back to my fishing.”
    “I can not trust you again, Pepper,” said Sissy.  “You never keep your promises to me and now I am sad.  I thought we were friends.”
   Sissy strolled away with her head hung low and was very sad that her friend had broken a promise to her once again.

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