Friday, July 29, 2011

Brandy’s Problem

   Jake and Midge would take walks around the neighborhood once in a while before the sun came up. They enjoyed the quiet time of the morning.  This morning it was cool and the clouds were gathering slowly above them as they started their walk.  They had walked about a block when they neared the large white brick house at the end of the street.  The yard was closed in with a white picket fence.  Along the front of the house were beautiful pink, white and red roses.  On the front porch was an angry young woman who was screaming at a small brown puppy who was laying on the sidewalk near the steps.   Jake and Midge stood near the fence and watched in horror at the anger this person had toward the puppy.  Finally she went back into the house and slammed the door behind her.

   “Hey!” called Jake.
   “Are you calling me?” asked the puppy.
   “Yes,” said Jake.  “Come here a moment.”
   The little puppy meekly walked to the fence.  “What do you want?” he asked.
   “Why does your mistress have so much anger toward you?” asked Midge.
   “I was bad this morning,” cried the puppy. 
   “What is your name?” asked Jake. “You are new here in the neighborhood aren’t you?”
   “My name is Brandy,” answered the puppy.  “We just moved in a couple days ago. I wet on her new chair and she is real angry with me again.”
   “My name is Jake and this is Midge,” said Jake.
   “Hi,” said Brandy.
   “You aren’t housebroke yet?” asked Midge. 
   “No and she sure gets angry when I mess the house accidently,” said Brandy.  “I really do try but I can’t hold it very well.”
   “You don’t have a doggie door on the back door of the house?” said Jake.   
   “No,” said Brandy. “She has to open the door and let me outside.”
   “You need to let her know when you need to go outside,” said Midge.
   “How do I tell her I need to go outside?” asked Brandy.  “She don’t understand what I say.”
   “You need to bark at her and run to the back door so she knows you want outside,” said Jake. 
   “Okay,” said Brandy.  “I will try that next time.  Do you want to come in and play with me?”
   “Maybe tomorrow,” said Midge. “Okay?”
   “Okay,” replied Brandy.  “Thanks for your help. I will try and do better.  I don't want her to be mad at me.”
   Jake and Midge finished their walk and went back to Jake’s house.  The next day, they looked for Brandy when they neared the big white house.  In the yard they saw him running after a ball that the woman was throwing for him and she was laughing.  Brandy saw the two of them and ran to the fence to greet them.
   “How is it going Brandy?” asked Midge.  “Your mistress looks happy today.”
   “I did what you told me and it worked,” said Brandy.  “She is real happy with me today and came out to play ball.”
   “That is great Brandy,” said Jake.  “Can you come walk with us today?”
   “Not today,” said Brandy. “But I can walk with you next time.”
   Jake and Midge said good-bye and left Brandy to play ball with his mistress.  They felt good that they could help Brandy with his problem.

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