Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chachi Wants to Fly

    “Hello Chachi!” called Jake as he and Midge ran into the back yard of the green and white house on the corner of Elm and Sycamore Road.  “Hey! What are you doing?”
    “Not much, Jake,” answered Chachi.  “What are you and Midge up to?”
    “We are going to the park for a swim,” said Jake.  “Do you want to come along with us?”

     Chachi just grinned and lay back down on the porch.  He was gazing at the blue sky and seemed to be daydreaming.  “I don’t know,” said Chachi.  “The sky’s pretty isn’t it Jake?”
    “Chachi!  Earth to Chachi,” said Jake.  “What are you talking about?  We wanted to know if you wanted to go for a swim.”
   “Jake, did you ever wish you could fly?” asked Chachi.  “I would love to go flying high in the sky like Gabby does.  Wouldn’t you like to fly Midge?”
   “I never thought about flying,” said Midge.
   “Oh no,” said Jake.  “I like my four feet on the ground.  Us boxers aren’t made to fly and I don’t think you bulldogs are either.”
   “I know Jake,” said Chachi. “But you know Jake, Gabby goes flying all over the place and can see so much in a days time.  We have to run everywhere we go. I would like to fly just once.”
    “I’m scared of heights,” said Jake. “I would rather stay on the ground.  If you are just going to lay around and day dream, than Midge and I are going to go to the park without you.”
    Chachi didn’t hear a word Jake said to him.  He had laid back and closed his eye and before he knew it, he had drifted to sleep.
   “Chachi!  Chachi,” called a voice from above.  “Come on Chachi. Come fly with me. I’m waiting for you up here.”
    “Okay, Gabby,” whispered Chachi as he got up and climbed to the roof on a ladder his mistress had left leaning against the house.
    Gabby took off with his wings flapping briskly. He soared around the yard and swooped down at Chachi.  He looked graceful as he soared above the house and the yard.  Chachi stood at the edge of the roof and was about to leap intot he air. 
   “Chachi!” shouted Jake.  “Chachi! What are you doing?  You can’t fly!”
   Suddenly Chachi backed up away from the edge of the roof.  He sat shaking and Gabby was in a nearby tree laughing.
    “What is going on?” shouted Jake.  “Are you crazy?”
    “I must have been sleep walking again,” said Chachi.  I was dreaming that I could fly with Gabby and he was calling me to the roof.  I guess I would have gone off the roof had you not stopped me.  That was real close Jake.”
    “Get down from the roof Chachi,” shouted Midge.  “You can’t fly. Gabby is a bird and he is made to fly.  We dogs are made to stay on the ground.”
    “I guess you are right Midge,” said Chachi.  “I’m coming down.”
    “I hope now you will stop this crazy dreaming about something you can never do,” said Jake.  “Focus on something you can do and leave the flying to Gabby.”
    “Okay Jake,” answered Chachi.

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