Friday, July 22, 2011

Booker-T is Grounded

   Mitzie just finished her bath and her mistress clipped her and put tiny pink bows behind each ear.  She pranced around the yard showing off her pretty new bows to Jake and Midge when Booker-T walked up and joined them.  She was so proud of her pretty pink bows and her clean smelling curls.  She batted her big brown eyes at Booker-T trying to get his attention.  But he wasn’t paying much attention to her.  He had sat down on the porch swing. She huffed and stomped her feet, but still Booker-T didn’t seem interested in what she was doing.   What could be so interesting to him that he doesn’t even notice me?” thought Mitzie.  He has never completely ignored me before.”

    Mitzie was curious as to why Booker-T wasn’t paying her any attention now.  He wasn’t even looking her way.  “What is wrong with Booker-T today Jake?” asked Mitzie.
   “Booker-T got in trouble yesterday,” said Midge. “That’s why he wasn’t here yesterday.”
    “Oh my goodness,” said Mitzie.  “What did he do this time to upset his mistress?”
    “You will need to ask Booker-T what happened Mitzie,” said Jake.  “I’m not sure if he wants you to know.”
    “But I’m his friend,” said Mitzie.  “Why wouldn’t he want me to know?”
    “You know Booker-T,” said Jake. “He will tell you if he wants you to know. I think he is embarrassed.”
    “Oh Jake,” said Mitzie. “You know I love him no matter what he does.”
    “Ask him,” said Midge.
    Mitzie approached Booker-T and sat beside him.  “What is wrong Booker-T?” asked Mitzie.
    “I messed up last night Mitzie,” said Booker-T. 
    “What did you do?”  asked Mitzie.  “You probably didn’t mean to mess up.”
    “I caught a mouse and was so proud of that mouse,” said Booker-T.  “I took it into the house to show my mistress what I caught.”
    “She didn’t like your mouse?” asked Mitzie.
    “She was glad that I caught the mouse, but she wasn’t happy when the mouse got away from me in the house.”
    “Oh no, Booker-T,” said Mitzie.  “It got away from you?”
    “Yes,” said Booker-T.  “And I couldn’t catch it again. So it is in the house somewhere.”
    “Oh no,” said Mitzie. “I’m sorry you lost your mouse.”
     “She is making me stay in the yard for a week,” said Booker-T.  “So I won’t be able to come see you for a week.  You can come see me at my house.”
     “If you can’t leave the yard, why are you here?” asked Jake.  “Won’t you get into more trouble being here?”
     “No, my mistress went to the store…I will be back home before she does,” said Booker-T.
     “Oh my,” said Mitzie.  “You better go home before you get caught.  We will walk with you back home.”
     “Thanks you guys,” said Booker-T.
     “What are friends for Booker-T?  We all love you,” said Midge. 
     “And you are all really great friends,” said Booker-T. “I’m glad I know you all.”
     “We are glad we know you too Booker-T,” said Mitzie.  “Now lets go. We need to get you back home.”
     The four took off with Booker-T for his house.  A few minutes after sitting down on the porch, Booker-T’s mistress drove up in her car. They had just made it back to the house. 
     “Whew,” said Midge.  “That was really close.”

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