Monday, July 25, 2011

Lost and Alone

   Allie was a white Persian kitten who lived with a boy named Joshua three houses up from Midge.  Allie decided she wanted to see the great big world instead of staying in the cozy back yard of her master.  She set out alone and sauntered up the road looking at everything along the way.  But Allie didn’t pay any attention to where she was going and before long, she saw that she was lost and didn’t know which way to go.  She made several turns but just couldn’t figure out the right way to get back home.  She found a large rock beneath a tall tree and sat down to cry.  She really wanted to go home, but she had gotten herself lost.  Oh, why did I leave the yard?” thought Allie.  I will never find my way home now.  I’m so scared.”

   “What is wrong?” asked a tiny voice.  “Are you okay?”
   Allie looked up to see a black and white bunny.  “I’m lost,” said Allie. “My name is Allie.  Who are you?”
   “I’m Tinsley,” said the little bunny.  “Where do you live?”
   “I live with Joshua in a big blue house,” said Allie.  “I want to go home, but I can’t find it. I’m lost.”
   “How did you get lost?” asked Tinsley.
   “I wanted to see the world and I got so interested in all the things out here to see that I forgot to pay attention to where I was going.  Now I am lost.”
   “Come on, let us see if we can find your house together,” said Tinsley.  “If we need to, we can go talk to Midge and she will help us.”
   “Oh thank you,” said Allie. “I know Midge. She lives up the street from me. If  you can find her house, I will know where mine is.”
   The two of them started their journey and Tinsley took Allie to Midge’s house.  From there, Allie could find her house.
   “Is this your house Allie?” asked Tinsley.
   “Thank you so much Tinsley,” smiled Allie.  “I will never go that far again without someone being with me or at least watching where I am going.  I’m so glad I met you and hope that we can be friends and you will come to see me once in a while to play.”
   “I’m glad I found you and was able to help you get back home,” said Tinsley.  “I am happy to be your friend.  But don't leave the yard without paying attention to where you are going.  It's a scary world out there and if you get lost, not everyone will help you.  Be careful next time Allie.”
   "Thank you Tinsley,"  said Allie.  "I will be careful next time."
    The two became friends and could be seen together every day taking a walk or playing with Midge and Jake. 

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