Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minnie and Polly

    Minnie and Polly were little beige and white twin poodles.  Cindy was their mother, a golden champagne colored poodle.  She is friends with Midge and Jake.  Cindy was sitting on the porch watching her two little ones chasing after each other across the big back yard where they lived with Cindy’s mistress.  They were yelping and leaping on top of each other as they rolled around in the soft grass.
   Cindy got tired just watching them running around with all their energy.  She went inside through the doggie door to get some water and lie down on the soft rug near the door where she could keep an eye her two little ones.  Before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep.  She didn’t realize how long she had slept when she awoke.  She could hear the two still yelping at each other.  When she went outside to check on them, she found paper torn up all over the back yard.  The clothes were pulled down from the line and their toys were all over the yard.

    “Minnie!  Polly!” shouted Cindy.  “Please come over here right now.”
    The two stopped and turned to look toward the porch when they heard their mother’s voice.  Slowly they approached her and sat in front of her looking up at her with their little puppy eyes.
    “What have you been doing out here?” asked Cindy.  “This yard looks like a disaster!  Mary is not going to be happy with you.  Come on, we need to clean up this place now.”
    “Hi Cindy!” called Midge as she came into the back yard.
    “Hi Midge,” answered Cindy.
    “Oh my goodness,” said Midge.  “What happened back here? It looks like a tornado blew through here.”
    “It sure did,” said Cindy.  “And their names are Tornado Minnie and Tornado Polly.”
    “They really made a mess out of the place,” said Midge.  “Can you use some help to clean this up?”
    “Thanks Midge, but you don’t have to do that,” said Cindy. 
    “Oh, it’s no problem,” said Midge as she picked up some paper and carried it to the trash can near the garage.  “What are friends for if not to help when we can.”
    “Thanks Midge,” said Cindy. “Polly and Minnie, you two need to thank Midge for helping us clean up your mess.”
    “Thank you Midge,” said Polly and Minnie in unison.  “We had fun making the mess.”
    “I’m sure you did,” said Midge.  “Now we need to get this cleaned up for your mom.”
    “Okay,” said Minnie and Polly as they ran off to gather up more of the papers around the yard.
    "We can get the mess cleaned up Cindy," said Midge.  "But there isn't going to be anything we can do to hide the clothes being pulled off the line."
    "I know," said Cindy.  "They will have to face our mistress for that.  She isn't going to happy with them this time."
    "Maybe she won't be too hard on them, " said Midge. "They are just babies still."
    They picked up the clothes and placed them into the basket that Cindy's mistress left under the line.  Before long, they had the yard cleaned up with the papers in the trash can, the clothes were placed into the laundry basket and the toys placed near the dog house. 
    "Now that the yard is clean," said Midge. "Do you want to go to the park to play?"
   "Sure," said Cindy.  "Polly, Minnie! Come on over here. We are going to go to the park with Midge this morning."
    "Oh Boy!" shouted the two of them.
    "We have never been to the park before," said Minnie. 
    "Lets go!" shouted Polly.
    "You will behave yourselves while we are there," said Cindy.  "Or this will be your last trip to the park.  Do you two understand?"
    "Yes mama," said Polly.
    "Yes Mama," said Minnie.
   "Okay," said Cindy.  "We are ready to go Midge."
    The four left together to walk to the park with Minnie and Polly hurrying to keep up with Midge and Cindy.

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