Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Among Animals

     Sissy was a black Persian cat who lived in the big white house on Vickery Hill road.  The yard was filled with huge oak trees and a colorful array of flowers placed around the yard of deep green grass.  A warm breeze blew across the porch ringing the chimes that hung along the front of the porch.  She lay curled up on the porch in the sunshine that shone through the trees.   She raised her head and saw Jake and Midge coming up the walkway.  
    “Hi Sissy,” called Midge.  “What are you doing this morning?” 
    “Hi Midge,” said Sissy.  “Hi Jake.  What are you two doing this morning?”

    “What is the matter?” asked Jake.  “Why do you sound so glum?”
    “I miss Dillan,” sighed Sissy.
    “Where is he?” asked Midge.  “Did he go somewhere?”
    “I don’t know,” said Sissy.  “He hasn’t been around in a couple of days.  Do you think he moved?”
    “Oh, Sissy,” said Midge. “You are in love aren’t you?”
    Sissy turned without answering and leaped into the porch swing. 
    “Sissy,” said Jake. “You love Dillan don’t you?”
    “I guess I do,” said Sissy.  “I really miss him when he doesn’t come over to see me.”
    “Where does he live?” asked Midge.  “I don’t think we know Dillan.”
    “You know that big brown brick home at the end of Bloomington Avenue with the white shutters on it?” asked Sissy.
    “Oh sure,” said Midge.  “That is old man Parson’s house.”
    “That is where Dillan lives,” said Sissy. 
    “I saw them take the old man and his cat away in a big blue limo yesterday,” said Jake.  “I didn’t know it was Dillan.”
    “They took Dillan?” cried Sissy.
    “We are sorry Sissy,” said Midge. 
    “Oh dear,” said Sissy.  “I sure will miss him.  I really loved him you know.”
    “Come on Sissy,” said Midge.  “It will be okay.  Jake and I are going to the park. Do you want to come along with us. It will make you feel better.”
    “Not today Midge,” said Sissy.  “Maybe tomorrow I will go.”
    “We will come see you tomorrow,” said Midge as she and Jake started down the walkway.  Midge turned to glance back at Sissy a moment as she curled up on the corner of the swing and closed her eyes.
    “Sissy!” called her master Jim from the front door.  “Come on Sissy. Come on girl.”
    Sissy jumped off the swing and sauntered to the front door and entered the house.  When she walked into the living room, there sitting on the love seat was Dillan.  Her eyes lit up and she began to purr and rub against Jim’s legs. 
    “Sissy, I brought Dillan to live with us.  He will be staying with us now.  Mr. Parson was too ill to take care of him any longer and I offered to take him.  If I didn’t know better, I would think you know what I’m saying.  Now you will have a playmate Sissy,” said Jim.
   Sissy ran to Dillan and rubbed her nose against his neck and began to lick him behind the ear.  Jim stood by and smiled. ‘I guess animals fee the love too,’ thought Jim as he walked to the kitchen to get them some milk.

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