Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doing it My Way

    Susie followed Midge and Jake to the park to play with Snappy.  As they approached the pond, Susie took off running to the edge of the pond. She stood staring into the water. 
   “What are you looking for Susie?” asked Midge.
   “Fish,” said Susie.  “I know I have seen fish in here before. I want to catch a fish”

   “There are some fish in here,” said Snappy as he walked up behind Susie.  "But how are you going to go fishing in the pond?  You can't fish in there.  You don't have a fishing pole."
   “I want to go fishing,” said Susie. "I will use my paw to grab one when I see it."
   “Go right ahead,” said Snappy. “Help yourself if you think you can catch one in there.”
   “You don’t think I can catch one?” asked Susie.  “I’m a good fisherman.”
   “You are a cat, not a fisherman,” said Jake.
   “Okay, than I am a fishercat,” laughed Susie.  “I’m good.”
   Susie perched herself atop a big gray boulder that sat partially in the water.  Midge, Jake and Snappy sat near the tree to watch Susie fish.  Susie was concentrating on what she was doing and when she saw a fish swim by the boulder, she made a quick swat at it and almost slid off the boulder into the water.  She clawed hard until she finally got her footing back. 
    “What are you doing Susie?” laughed Snappy.  “You are going to end up in the pond with the fish.”
    “I’m trying to catch this fish that keeps swimming near the boulder,” said Susie.
    “Why don’t you get on the pier over there?” asked Midge.  “Wouldn’t that be a little safer than that slippery boulder?”
    “I’ll do this my way if you don’t mind,” snapped Susie. 
    “Well, okay,” said Jake.  “We are just trying to help you out.”
    “I’m fine here,” said Susie.
    As the three looked on and Susie kept swatting at the fish as it swam close to where she was perched.   A couple more swats at the fish and she slid down the side of the boulder and splashed into the water. 
    “Snappy!” shouted Susie.  “Help!”
    Snappy was laughing so hard at the sight of Susie dripping wet with a fish hanging from her mouth.  She had caught the fish as she went into the water.
    “Susie, you look like  drowned rat,” laughed Midge.
    “I got the fish, didn’t I?” asked Susie.
    “Yes, you got your fish and a bath at the same time,” said Jake.
     Snappy helped Susie to the edge of the pond so she could climb out of the water. 

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