Sunday, June 12, 2011

Booker-T and the Haunted House

   Booker-T wanted to enter the big brown building next to Sadie’s Café. The windows had been boarded up about a week now and Booker-T figured he might find some mice in the place.  All he could think about was chasing them and catching a nice big gray mouse for dinner.  The thought pulled him closer and closer to the scary looking place.  It looked so deserted and dark and he had heard the kids in the neighborhood talking about how the place was haunted.  He wanted to go in, but was afraid of running into a ghost.  He sure didn’t want to run into one of those spooky creatures.  No, not Booker-T.   He was a big chicken when it came to those things.
   “Hey there Booker-T!”  called Jake as he and Midge walked up. 
   “What are you two up to this morning?” asked Booker-T.
   “We thought we would take a walk and wander over this way.  You have talked so much about this haunted house over here and we wanted to see it.  It doesn’t look like it is haunted,” said Midge.
   “How can you tell that from here?” asked Booker-T.
   “Well, it just doesn’t look scary from here.  Do you want to go in?” asked Jake. 
   “I don’t know,” answered Booker-T.  “I keep looking at it and pacing back and forth trying to get the courage up to go into the place.  Do you want to go in  with me?”
   “Not really,” answered Midge staring at the house as if she was waiting for something to move.
   “Are you scared?” asked Booker-T. 
   “No, I’m not scared,” said Midge
   “Well then, why don’t you come in with me?” asked Booker-T.  “I dare you to come in with me.”
   “Will you come in with me Jake?” asked Midge.
   “Are you sure you really want to go in there?” asked Jake.
   “No, I’m not sure,” said Midge. “But you know Booker-T. If I don’t go in with him, I will never hear the end of it.  He will call me scaredy cat for the rest of my life.”
  “Yeah, but don’t you think it is dangerous going in there?” asked Jake.  “We don’t know what dangers lurk behind those boarded windows.”
   “Oh, come on you two,” said Booker-T.  “We will be safe if we stay together in there.”
   The three inched closer and closer to the steps of the house.  Slowly they climbed the four steps to the door as their breathing got deeper and faster.  They each could feel their hearts beating inside.  A lump formed in their throats as they reached for the door.  With paws shaking, Jake pushed the door open.  It was dark inside and they could barely see into the darkness. 
   “Come on, lets go in,” said Booker-T.
   They hesitated at the door a moment and then stepped into the dark room.  At the end of the hall, they could see a faint light from under a door.  They slowly moved to the center of the room, staying close to each other. They were so close to each other, that they could feel the beating of each other’s heart.  Inch by inch they crossed the room. 
  “Something smells awful in here Jake,” said Midge.
   “I know it. I wonder what it is?” asked Jake.
   Booker-T walked to the hall and started toward the door at the end of the hall where the light was coming from. 
   “It stinks down there Booker-T.  Are you sure you want to go down there?” asked Midge.
  He ignored the smell and Midge’s talking.  But once he got down the hall, he was ankle-deep in yucky green goo, so he began to rethink his desire to know what was behind the closed door.  He ran back to where Jake and Midge stood waiting for him.
   “Don’t you want to go in with me?” asked Booker-T.
   “No!” said Jake and Midge in unison.  “We are fine right here.  What is that green goo all over your legs?”
   “I don’t know. It is sticky too,” said Booker-T as he stood there shaking each paw one at a time.
   Suddenly a howling noise was heard from behind the closed door and the three ran for the front door so fast that they were stumbling over each other trying to be first out the door. At the sidewalk, they turned to stare at the house.
   “Yep, it’s haunted,” said Booker-T.
   “ I think you are right,” said Midge. “Lets get out of here.”

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Jake and Midge
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