Saturday, June 4, 2011

Midge and the Candle

   “Hi Jake,” said Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “Hi Midge,” answered Jake.  “Come on up and lay in the warm sun.  It feels so good this morning.”
   “Sure is nice to see the sun today, isn’t it?” asked Midge.  “It sure has been raining a long time.”
    “I know what you mean.  Three days of rain is a long time. I like the sound of the rain as it hits the roof and the windows but three days of it is too much.”
   “Sure is,” replied Midge.  “Hey what is that in the window Jake? It flickers like a candle but doesn't look like a candle.”
   “Where?” asked Jake.
    “In that window,” answered Midge.  “That thing that is flickering in the window.”
   “That is Marley’s candle,” said Jake.  “She loves the candles and she always get the ones that smell like flowers.”
   “Oh wow!” said Midge. “That would be like being in the garden all the time.”
   “Yes, I guess it would be,” said Jake.  “I didn’t think about that.”
   “So you like the candles when she burns them?” asked Midge.  “They look nice too.”
   “I guess it is okay,” said Jake.  “I like flowers but you know me, I love the smell of a good bone.”
   “Yes, I know you do,” said Midge.  “Mr. ‘who-could-care-less’ dog.”
   “Funny funny Midge,” said Jake.  “You girls just like all that smelly stuff. Just give me a good old dog bone or a bowl of beef. I love the smell of beef.  I wonder if they have a candle that smells like beef.”
   “Think I can go in and smell the pretty candle?” asked Midge.
   “Sure,” said Jake. “Come on let’s go.”
   Jake got up and led Midge through the doggie door and into the den where the candle was burning.  Midge sniffed the air close to the burning flame.
   “Oh, that does smell good Jake,” said Midge.  “Thank you for letting me smell it. I like it.  Maybe my mistress will get some candles that smell some day.  She burns candles on the dining room table sometimes, but they don't smell like flowers.”
    "What do they smell like?" asked Jake. 
    "Nothing," said Midge. "And they are tall and thin, not pretty and big like this one is.  I didn't know that this was a candle too."
    "Marley has the tall thin ones too," said Jake.  "She uses them on the table."
    "I really like these pretty ones that smell nice," said Midge.
    “Come on, let’s go back outside,” said Jake.
    Midge took one last sniff of the pretty candle before following Jake back outside.

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