Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Midge Wants to Learn About Direction

   Jake and Midge were out walking along the sidewalk on the warm Saturday morning when Gabby swooped down at them.
   “Hey you two, where are you going?” asked Gabby.  “Are you going to the park?”
   “Yes, we are,” said Midge.
   “Aren’t you going in the wrong direction?” asked Gabby.  “The park is the other direction over that way.”

   “We are going to Lindsey’s house first to find out if she wants to come with us,” said Jake.
  “I thought you were going with Booker-T today,” said Gabby.  "I thought Lindsey lived on the other side of the park anyway?"
   "She did, when we met her," said Midge.  "But they moved further away two weeks ago."
  "What about Booker-T?" asked Gabby.
  “No, Booker-T isn’t home today,” said Midge.  “He went to the mountains with his mistress for a week.”
  “Are you going to come to the park Gabby?” asked Jake.
  “Sure, I will go the other direction and meet you two over there,” said Gabby.
  “Why don’t you go find Snappy and we will be three as soon as we get Lindsey,” said Midge.
  Gabby took off flying high above the trees heading in the direction of the park. 
  “I wish I was as good with directions as Gabby is,” said Midge.
  “You do okay Midge,” smiled Jake.  “Gabby flies high above everything and he can see things from up there that we can’t see from down here on the ground.  He has a good sense of direction.”
   “Maybe some day Gabby will teach me direction,” said Midge.  “Do you think he will Jake?”
  “I’m sure if you ask him to tell you how to know what direction you are going, he will help you,” said Jake.
  “Do you know direction Jake?” asked Midge
  “I know a little,” said Jake.  “I know that the sun comes up in the east and I know it sets in the west.  I know how to get to the park and back home.”
  “That is good Jake,” said Midge. 
  “Hey Lindsey!” said Jake as he and Midge turned up the sidewalk to her house.
  “Hi Midge, Hi Jake,” called out Lindsey.
  “Are you going to come with us to the park today?” asked Midge.
  “Sure,” said Lindsey stepping down from the porch.
  “Hey, Lindsey,” said Midge.  “Do you know how to tell what direction you are going when you go for a walk?”
  “Direction?” asked Lindsey looking puzzled at the question.  “No I don’t think so.  What is direction?”
  “It means which way you are going when you go somewhere,” said Jake.
  “Oh,” said Lindsey.  “I don’t think I know how to tell which direction I’m going.  Do I need to know?”
  “Sometimes,” said Midge. “I am going to ask Gabby to teach me.”
  “Do you think he will teach me too?” asked Lindsey.
  “I’m sure he would,” said Midge. “Lets ask him when we get to the park.”
  “Okay,” said Lindsey.
   The three strolled along the sidewalk and crossed the street, then ran across the grass to the pond where they found Snappy and Gabby.

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Jake and Midge
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