Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Midge Wonders About Mythology

   “Hey there Jake!” called Midge as she climbed the steps to the front porch.
   “Hi Midge,” answered Jake.  “What are you doing this morning?  You are here early today.”
   “Trying to figure out what my mistress was talking about to the neighbor,” Midge said with a little bit of confusion in her voice.
   “What were they talking about?” asked Jake.
   “What is mythology?” asked Midge.

   “Mythology?” asked Jake.
   “Yes, mythology.  What is it?” asked Midge.  “I never heard that word before.  They were talking about it last night.”
   “They didn’t say what it was when they were talking?” asked Jake.   “What was she saying about it?”
   “Well, she was talking about a lot of different stuff and saying something about those things were nothing by myths,” said Midge.  “I don’t know what a myth is either.”
   “Well, I think a myth is something that really isn’t real,” said Jake.  “It is something imaginary.”
   “So what is mythology?” asked Midge.  “Is it a bunch of myths that are gathered into one place?  I’m so confused.”
   “I don’t know,” said Jake.  “And my guess is, we will never know.  Do we know anyone who might know?  No!  And better yet, Midge, do we really care about mythology?”
   “No, I guess we don’t,” said Midge.  “I just wondered.  I heard her talking about it and wondered what it was.  You know me, I’m always wondering about something.”
   “Well, I think we could find better things to wonder about.  Like where is the next big bone coming from or how about one of those wonderful tasty milk bones?” laughed Jake.  “I like wondering about those things.”
   “That’s all you ever think about Jake,” snickered Midge.  “Food is always on your mind.  I can’t figure out why you don’t weigh 200 pounds as much as you eat.”
   “Ha ha ha,” said Jake.  “Aren’t you the funny one this morning.  That must be one of those myths.  I should be 200 pounds with all the food I eat, but I’m not.  Don’t you love it?”
   “I don’t know,” said Midge.  “I like that you don’t gain all that weight.  Not the same for me. I gain so my mistress is always watching what I eat.”
   “I know,” said Jake.  “But we do a lot of running and that should help you.”
   “It does help,” said Midge.  “Now, let’s go find Booker-T and go to the park to play in the pond with Snappy.”
   “Now you are talking about something I like,” said Jake.  “Enough about these myths and mythology. That stuff is too much for me to figure out.  I would rather eat or play.”

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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